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1. Investigation and Intervention of a Tuberculosis Outbreak among Inpatients in a Chronic Psychiatric Hospital, Taiwan, 2009–2016 Vol.33 No.19 56 2017-10-03
2. Analysis of Influenza Epidemic in Taiwan during 2015/16 Influenza Season Vol.33 No.18 97 2017-09-19
3. The Impact of Switching International Classification of Diseases Version on the Surveillance System: Influenza-Like Illness Cases from The Real-Time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance System Vol.33 No.18 110 2017-09-19
4. A Survey of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Relating to Adverse Events Following Seasonal Influenza Vaccination among Healthcare Providers in Taiwan, 2015 Vol.33 No.17 153 2017-09-05
5. Performance Evaluation of the Alere i Influenza A&B Rapid Diagnostic Test, 2016 Vol.33 No.17 162 2017-09-05
6. The Border Quarantine Response to the Outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus at Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan, 2015 Vol.33 No.16 243 2017-08-22
7. Investigation of Ship Sanitation Inspection at Kaohsiung Port, 2011–2015 Vol.33 No.16 234 2017-08-22
8. Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Survey of Tour Operators Regarding Travel-Related Infectious Diseases, Taiwan, 2016 Vol.33 No.15 357 2017-08-08
9. Feasibility of Applying Travel Safety Short Message Service (SMS) for Risk Assessment on Infectious Disease Exposure, Taiwan, 2015 Vol.33 No.15 327 2017-08-08
10. Improving the Local Government Dengue Fever Prevention Skills — Using Examples of “Breeding Site Elimination Mentoring Project” and “Breeding Site Elimination Project” Vol.33 No.14 418 2017-07-25
11. Assessment of Sensitivity of Screening for Imported Notifiable Diseases at Port of Entry, Taiwan, 2012–2015 Vol.33 No.12 601 2017-06-27
12. The Impacts on Acute Communicable Diseases after the Implementation of Mini-Three-Links at Kinmen, 2001–2015 Vol.33 No.12 626 2017-06-27
13. The Application of Laboratory Automated Reporting System on Listeria Infection Surveillance Vol.33 No.11 703 2017-06-13
14. The Establishment, Maintenance and Operation of Communicable Disease Control Medical Network Vol.33 No.11 714 2017-06-13
15. The Model and Effects of Interdepartmental Dengue Fever Prevention and Control, Taichung City, 2015 Vol.33 No.10 820 2017-05-23
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