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Press Releases

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1. US and Taiwan co-organize International Workshop on Laboratory Diagnosis for Enterovirus to strengthen diagnostic capacity for enteroviruses among New Southbound Policy partner countries and share regional epidemic control resources new 39 2018-04-23
2. As 5 additional measles cases confirmed, Taiwan CDC continues to closely monitor outbreak and health of close contacts 1140 2018-04-19
3. People traveling overseas urged to avoid raw food and contaminated beverages as Taiwan CDC confirms 1 imported case of typhoid fever 302 2018-04-17
4. Taiwan CDC and Acer jointly launch AI-based “Flu Forecasting Station” website to more timely predict flu activity 117 2018-04-17
5. Public urged to heighten vigilance for rubella, seek immediate medical attention when symptoms develop and inform physician of relevant exposure history as Taiwan CDC confirms imported case in foreign man 1286 2018-04-11
6. As this year’s first case of hantavirus hemorrhagic fever confirmed in Taiwan, public urged three “Don’ts” to ensure rodent control and ward off hantavirus infection 284 2018-04-09
7. Taiwan CDC advises public to determine need for measles vaccination and get vaccinated prior to traveling overseas as this year’s first imported measles case confirmed 2616 2018-03-29
8. Public advised to take precautions against chigger bites when cleaning graves and doing outdoor activities during Tomb Sweeping Festival to ward off scrub typhus 195 2018-03-27
9. “End TB” campaign gathers leaders from all sectors to create a TB-free world 140 2018-03-27
10. As meningitis season started and 1 meningococcal meningitis death in girl reported, Taiwan CDC urges public to pay attention to hand hygiene and maintain proper indoor ventilation 244 2018-03-16
11. Taiwan CDC urges public to avoid eating raw and unclean foods to prevent infection as angiostrongyliasis confirmed in foreign workers who ingested undercooked apple snails 386 2018-03-09
12. As Taiwan CDC confirms 2 human cases of rabid animal bite in Taiwan, public urged to heighten vigilance, avoid contact with wild animals, and seek immediate medical attention when bitten or scratched 439 2018-02-22
13. As world’s first H7N4 case confirmed in Jiangsu Province, China, Taiwan CDC urges travelers Jiangsu Province to practice “5 Do’s and 6 Don’t’s” to ward off infection 340 2018-02-21
14. As new H7N9 case confirmed in Guangdong Province, China, Taiwan CDC urges travelers visiting affected areas in China to practice “5 Do’s and 6 Don’t’s” to ward off infection 545 2018-02-21
15. “Power of Perseverance” chronicles Taiwan’s history of quarantine in 2 cycles of 60 years and details Taiwan’s relentless efforts in stopping diseases at border to ensure health and wellbeing of public 906 2018-01-26
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