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1. US and Taiwan co-organize International Training Workshop on Molecular Diagnosis for Zika participated by 12 countries in Southeast Asia to strengthen Asia-Pacific regional capacity to tackle Zika virus 7208 2016-04-14
2. U.S. and Taiwan co-organized International Conference on Dengue Prevention and Control and International Dengue Expert Consultation Meeting to tackle increasing dengue threat caused by global warming together 3497 2015-12-28
3. US CDC and Taiwan CDC co-host “International Training Course on Molecular Diagnosis for MERS-CoV” to strengthen regional capacity to respond to threats of infectious diseases 3158 2015-10-12
4. Training Course for Preparing Healthcare Workers to Work in Ebola Treatment Units 4444 2015-05-12
5. 30 Years of Field Epidemiology Training Program in Taiwan 2653 2015-05-13
6. The 11th Taipei International Conference on HIV/AIDS - Turn the Tide, Stop on Me 2390 2015-12-15
7. International Expert Meeting—Challenges and Opportunities in Prevention and Control of Rabies 8122 2013-11-04
8. APEC Conference on the Innovation, Achievement and Sustainable Development in Public Health Emergency Response Systems 10 years after SARS Epidemic 3961 2013-11-01
9. The 9th International Taipei Conference on HIV/AIDS 7461
10. 2008 APEC Workshop for the Control Practice of Dengue Fever
11. The Fourth TEPHINET Southeast Asia/Western Pacific Bi-Regional Scientific Conference
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