In response to cluster infection in electronics factory in Miaoli County, CECC sets up incident command post to assist in emergency disease prevention

On June 4, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that in response to the cluster infection in a factory of an electronics company in Miaoli County, it has established an incident command post in the factory. Wang Pi-sheng (王必勝), Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital and Social Welfare Organizations Administration Commission of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, has been appointed as the commander of the incident command post, and medical officers at Taiwan CDC have also been dispatched to provide guidance on emergency disease prevention measures and epidemiological investigations; the CECC is actively assisting the local government and the manufacturer in related prevention and control efforts to prevent further spread of COVID-19 at the factory.

As of June 3, a total of 67 individuals (including 8 Taiwanese nationals and 59 Filipino nationals) working in the electronics factory have been confirmed to have COVID-19; a total of 323 individuals have been identified as contacts. Among them, 321 contacts have been tested for COVID-19. Related epidemiological investigations are underway.