Taiwan CDC toll-free hotline 1922 serves you year-round


「President is hungry」-- Guess the phone number of a toll-free hotline. The answer is Taiwan CDC “1922 Communicable Disease Reporting and Consultation Hotline” (“1922” is pronounced like as “ying-jiu-er-er” in Chinese). To provide the public a convenient channel for communicable disease report and consultation, Taiwan CDC has operated an easy-to-remember, toll-free hotline 1922 since 2003, which provides 24-hour service on disease report, communicable disease consultation, prevention policy promotion and control measure education to the public throughout the year.
In order to increase the interaction with the public and to promote disease prevention policy, from beginning 2009, “1922” will integrate the organization of health education campaigns related to communicable diseases education issues to hold different activities from time to time. “1922”Taiwan CDC urges everyone to come together to and participate in join the campaigns to be held. The first campaign will start before the Lunar New Year vacation. The campaign will last everyday Ffrom January 21st to February 1st, everyday 2009. “1922” will randomly choose select 100 people among all the users callers who had ever dialed “1922” and left their phone numbers in last year. The hotline Sstaffs of “1922” Hotline will dial tocall these userscallers,to wish them a happy new year and send educational and some communicable disease education promotional materials related to communicable diseases to them.
In the past several years, the most commonfrequently asked questions that the public asked before and after the Lunar New Year vacation were include the epidemic condition situation in their travel destinations, prevention measures and fever treatments after coming backreturning to Taiwan. During holiday, “1922” usually often played the role ofacts as a platform for communication in anti-communicable diseases agencies, helping them connect and interchange to deal with emergency events.
There wereA totally total of 60,000 incoming calls were made received in 2008. The number has been increased by more than 60% when compared to that in 2007. The total number of connections to the service agent in 2008 has been increased by more than 90% while when comparing compared to that in 2007. It The data shows the utilization rate of the hotline the population has markedly improved. The top three cities/counties that show of the increased public utilization ratesuch increase include were Taipei City, Taipei County and Taoyuan County. Usually, the public calls “1922” for communicable disease consultation service, and information concerning local and overseas epidemics. In 2008, the most commonly inquired topics were include enterovirus infection, influenza vaccine and travel-related communicable diseases.
Again, Taiwan CDC urges the public to watch out for gastrointestinal, respiratory, mosquito-borne and H5N1 infection when traveling abroad. Practicing good personal hygiene is the basic basis of communicable disease prevention. Simple measures that help protecting you and the others from the threat of communicable diseases include washing hands frequently, wearing a mask when coughing, seeking medical attention immediately when experiencing flu symptoms and fever, and avoiding going to work or school while feeling ill. If you have any questions about communicable diseases, please call the 1922 hotline. In 2009, the hotline still provides 24-hour service.