Disease Containment Expert and new SMS function launched for follow-up care for home quarantined/isolated people

On April 8, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that a LINE Bot system, called Disease Containment Expert, developed jointly by the CECC, Line Taiwan and HTC Corporation’s healthcare unit DeepQ was officially launched for use on April 3 to monitor the health of people in home quarantine. The CECC also added a new function to the current SMS reporting mechanism, allowing those in home quarantine/isolation to report their health status via SMS.

With the Line Bot system, those in home quarantine can voluntarily report their health status to the disease prevention staff every day and obtain information concerning disease prevention. Those in home quarantine can use the Line Bot system by clicking a link, sent to them via SMS, to add Disease Containment Expert to the friend list on Line and then completing identity verification process. In addition to information on disease prevention and health status reporting, the system also sends home quarantine related details and notes to users two days before the end of the home quarantine period to remind them to conduct an additional 7-day period of self-health management. In addition to the Line Bot system, on April 5, the CECC began to send SMS messages every day to track the health status of those in home quarantine and home isolation, and the home quarantined and home isolated people can directly reply to the messages to report their health conditions.