To preserve epidemic prevention capacity, home isolation period and related epidemic prevention rules to be changed starting from today

On April 26, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) pointed out that to facilitate practical epidemic prevention work, it has adjusted relevant epidemic prevention measures as follows:

A. Local governments have begun implementing "key contact tracing" to identify close contacts of confirmed cases since April 25. Under the new policy, confirmed cases should voluntarily provide a list of people living with them as well as the epidemic prevention coordinators at their schools or companies to health authorities, and companies and schools should also cooperate in compiling such a list.

B. Individuals in home isolation will undergo a rapid test during the three-day isolation period.

The rapid test rule has been changed; a rapid test will be arranged after an individual is identified as a contact, and rapid tests previously required when symptoms occur and on the last day of the isolation period (the third day from the next day of the contact) will no longer be required.

C. A maximum of four rapid tests will be taken during the four-day self-initiated epidemic prevention period.

D. People who were given a digital home isolation notice before April 26 will receive an updated notice by the system which will automatically remove their original last day of isolation and generate a new last day of isolation.

E. Rapid test kits (a total of five test kits) will be provided by the local government of an individual's isolation location. Individuals who are retroactively eligible to practice the three-day home isolation and have been in home isolation for seven days, as of April 26, can resume a normal life after using a rapid test kit previously provided to take a rapid test and produce a negative test result on the last day of their isolation period. Other individuals in home isolation should use a test kit previously provided to take a rapid test on the first day of the self-initiated epidemic prevention period following the end of isolation; after testing negative, such individuals should voluntarily make a request for test kits needed during the remaining days of this period to the issue authority of their isolation notice or ask the issue authority of their isolation notice to help transfer their request to the local health department of their current residence for rapid test kits.