Aircraft and ships quarantine

Quarantine by review: Any craft destined for a Taiwan port are required to report the state of its sanitation and the passengers’ health prior via telegraph, telex, fax, mobile phone, or e-mail. Permission to enter the port is granted after reviewing the report and finding there is no danger of importing a disease. The procedure is intended to shorten the time of any quarantine.

On-board quarantine: There are five possible scenarios for on-board quarantine: (1) an inbound ship or aircraft has not applied for quarantine; (2) it has applied but failed to meet the quarantine requirements, (3) it has reported a passenger/crew member suspected of suffering from a communicable disease, (4) there have been animal deaths of unknown reasons, and (5) there have been deaths or patients of communicable diseases on aircraft. In these cases, quarantine officers may board the ship or aircraft to quarantine it.

UpdateTime 2020/1/14