• Editor/Author:Centers for Disease Control, Department of Health, R.O.C (Taiwan)

  • Publisher:Centers for Disease Control, Department of Health, R.O.C (Taiwan)

  • Date of Publication:Feb. 2013

  • Edition:1st ed

  • Price:NT$850

  • ISBN:978-986-03-6255-8

  • GPN:1010200488


Vaccination is one of the most important strategies for preventing infectious diseases. In recent years, numerous new vaccines have been developed and vast amount of new knowledge on infectious disease prevention and vaccine use have been updated accordingly. In order to enhance medical personnel’s professional knowledge and ability concerning infectious disease prevention and vaccine use, the Taiwan Centers for disease control (Taiwan CDC) has cooperated with the Taiwan Pediatric Association and the Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan to invite numerous domestic experts in the field of infectious disease and vaccine to edit and publish a reference book covering the current vaccine policy and practice requirements. The book contains thirty-five chapters and includes several important strategies and vaccine knowledge on the prevention and treatment of vaccine preventable diseases. Furthermore, topics such as novel H1N1 influenza, development of new vaccines, vaccine economic assessment and vaccination practices are discussed in the book as well. We believe that clinical health care workers and public health personnel will find the book useful because it can provide them with updated information on infectious disease prevention and vaccine use as well as allow them to provide correct and comprehensive information to the general public. In due course, the quality of vaccination services will be enhanced to achieve a nearly optimal effectiveness of vaccine in terms of preventing infectious diseases.


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