Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and Other Human Transmissible Spongiform Encephalophathies- Guideline on Patient Management and Infection Control (2E)

  • Editor/Author:Centers for Disease Control, Department of Health, R.O.C.(Taiwan)

  • Publisher:Centers for Disease Control, Department of Health, R.O.C.(Taiwan)

  • Date of Publication:May. 2008

  • Date of Begin Publication::May. 2008

  • Edition:2nd ed 

  • Price:NT$120

  • ISBN:978-986-01-43249(pbk.)

  • GPN: 


The manual is to improve the healthy care and the sensibility of epidemic prevention wokers, edit by the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease working group of Taiwan Neurological Society, under the assistance of Centers for Disease Control, the Department of Health. The manual consists of clinical working contents and the related, such as the global preventing disease history, the standard diagnose, the course of disease, the contraction of pathogen, the antisepsis of medical instruments and waste, the guidance of contraction control for all the medical care department stores and the related staff, the dissection of death cases and the curing process of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Besides, the manual also includes chapters of facing with media, the inform obligation and the agreement right, providing medical staff with the reference to faced with the patient and his family and media.


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