Fight Against Malaria- Malaria Eradication in Taiwan-Fortieth Anniversary Special Edition

  • Editor/Author:Centers for Disease Control, Department of Health, Executive Yuan

  • Publisher:Centers for Disease Control, Department of Health, Executive Yuan

  • Date of Publication:Dec. 2005

  • Date of Begin Publication::Oct. 2005

  • Edition:1st ed 

  • Price:NT$400

  • ISBN:986-00-2602-5(hbk.)

  • GPN: 


The content of this special publication constitutes a complete picture of Taiwan’s malaria control and prevention work, in the hope that it will boost morale among colleagues fighting epidemics and make international exchange and cooperation a professional aspiration through the promotion of malaria prevention. Furthermore, I wish Taiwan an early return to the World Health Organization so that our successful experience of disease prevention can contribute all the more to the international community, at the same time realizing the ideal of disease prevention without borders.


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