One more confirmed case linked to family cluster in middle part of Taiwan; 189 contacts test negative and 24 are being tested

According to the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), 44 additional cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) were reported in Taiwan on February 18, 2020. As of writing, a cumulative total of 1,913 cases have been reported, including 23 confirmed cases, 1,812 ruled out as having infected with COVID-19, and the remaining ones under quarantine for lab tests (preliminary tests were negative in 30 while tests for the others are pending). Of 23 confirmed cases, one died, and the others are in stable condition. 167 of all contacts of the confirmed cases remain in home isolation. Of 167, five developed symptoms and were reported. Of five individuals, four have been ruled out as infected, and one is being tested. 

With respect to the family cluster in the middle part of Taiwan, as of now, specimens of 217 contacts have been collected. Of 217, four (one additional case being the 60-year-old younger sister of the 19th confirmed case) have been diagnosed with COVID-19, while 189 tested negative and 24 are being tested, the CECC announced on February 19.
PublishTime 2020/2/19