Taiwan confirms two more cases of COVID-19; cases are family members of Case #24

On February 21, 2020, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced two more cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) reported in Taiwan. The two cases are the granddaughter (Case #25, 20 years old) and the daughter (Case #26, 40s) of Case #24 respectively. Case #25 developed cough January 28 and sought medical attention for having a fever January 31. She went to see a doctor February 4 and February 11 due to her persistent cough. Case #26 didn’t have fever or respiratory symptoms but she sought medical attention February 9 and February 13 for having acid reflux symptoms. The two patients had been identified as the contacts of Case #24, and health authorities had arranged to collect their samples and place them in isolation in the hospital. The two patients were confirmed with COVID-19 infection today. Case #26 and Case #24 lived together, while Case #25 didn’t live with Case #24; however, Case #25 visited Case #24 in the hospital February 12. Health authorities are investigating the source of infection. The two cases had no history of travel. As of writing, a total of 391 contacts of the family cluster have been identified, and samples of 169 contacts have been collected. Of 169, two tested positive for COVID-19 (Cases #25 and #26), and 143 tested negative while the remaining ones are being tested. 
PublishTime 2020/2/21