CECC announces details about how people can obtain proof of vaccination for traveling abroad

On August 4, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that as some people need to obtain proof of vaccination before traveling abroad, it recommends that people understand related regulations in the country to which they plan to travel and acquire their proof of vaccination according to one of the procedures listed below.

A. The COVID-19 vaccination site issues a COVID-19 Vaccination Record on which the fields of the date of birth, passport number, and the name on the passport are completed.
B. The COVID-19 vaccination site issues an English-language certificate of diagnosis(with the vaccination record specified on the certificate).
C. People can visit one of the 32 hospitals with outpatient services in travel medicine (travel clinics) and request their COVID-19 vaccination be recorded in their International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis(yellow book).

The CECC pointed out that as the current COVID-19 Vaccination Record is a bilingual record card (both English and Chinese), if a change of the format is required, members of the public can apply to the vaccination site where they were vaccinated for such a change; members of the public can also visit their nearby district public health center (in Taipei city, visit a district health center) and present their identity documents and original COVID-19 Vaccination Record to make a request.

The CECC reminds members of the public who wish to obtain a yellow book to make an appointment at a travel clinic and present their NHI card, passport (or photocopy) and yellow card. After the doctor confirms the vaccination record on the VACC system, the doctor will issue a yellow book. However, vaccination records of those who didn't get vaccinated in Taiwan will not be added to their yellow book. According to the Regulations Governing Collection of Quarantine Fees at Ports, fees for international certificate of vaccination shall be NT$200 for re-issuance (for those who don’t have a yellow book), and NT$ 150 for additional endorsement (for those who have a yellow book). Registration, diagnostic and other fees will be charged according to the rules of the respective hospital.
PublishTime 2021/8/5