CECC extends nationwide Level 3 epidemic alert to July 12 and asks for public's understanding over its decision and joint efforts to fight against COVID-19

On June 23, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that after assessing the COVID-19 situation in Taiwan, it has decided to extend its nationwide Level 3 epidemic alert for another two weeks (until July 12) in order to protect the health of people in Taiwan.
The CECC will also reinforce the following control measures under the Level 3 epidemic alert:
A. Conduct precision epidemiological investigations into confirmed COVID-19 cases;
B. Conduct COVID-19 tests on people completing their home quarantine/isolation period;
C. Speed up vaccinations for high-risk groups;
D. Promote the expanded community screening program;
E. Improve care for severe cases;
F. Launch a health monitoring program for retailers engaging in the supply of daily essential goods.

The CECC urges the public to continue rigorously following Level 3 restrictions and control measures and thoroughly cooperate with the government to fight against COVID-19 in the community.

PublishTime 2021/6/23