Starting February 20, children to be allowed for 4 masks every week due to increased mask production and start of new semester

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that starting February 20, 2020, children will be eligible for four face masks every seven days as a result of the increased production of requisitioned face masks and the need to prepare children to return to school.

Starting February 20, each location permitted to sell face masks, including NHI contracted pharmacies and local district public health centers, will be supplied with 400 adult masks and 200 child-size masks a day, an increase from 200 adult masks and 50 masks for children. Moreover, in response to the need for children going back to school, the new policy allows four child-size masks to be purchased per seven days beginning February 20 (purchase limited to NHI cards of children under 12) whereas the rules for purchasing adult face masks will remain the same, allowing two adult masks every seven days.
PublishTime 2020/2/17