1. January-March
    • 2018.3.14 the government officials from Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Health
    • 2018.3.27 International Press Group on Taiwan
  2. April-June
    • 2018.4.26 Experts from  National Hospital for Tropical Diseases (NHTD) Vietnam
    • 2018.5.9 Experts from  2018 Taiwan-U.S. Health and Welfare Policy Symposium
    • 2018.06.25 Visitors from National University of Malaysia and Ministry of Health Malaysia
  3. July-September
    • 2018.7.30 Health financing and provider payment mechanisms- Study Tour of Government of Indonesia to Taiwan
  4. Octobor-December
    • 2018.11.15 Experts from Conference for International Collaboration on Global Health Security in Southeast Asia
    • 2018.12.07 Professor Intan Ahmad from School of Life Sciences and Technology Institut Teknologi Bandung

UpdateTime 2018/3/14