The list of authorized hospitals overseas

The list of authorized hospitals overseas
Country Number Code of Hospital Name of Hospital
印尼(Indonesia) 1 I09 Fatahillah Medical Center
2 I10 Rosela Indah Medical Center
3 I11 Anugerah Ibu Medical Centre Clinic
4 I14 Permata Indah Medical Center
5 I15 Satria Medika Sakti
6 I16 Klinik Insani Medical Centre
7 I17 Puri Medika Hospital
8 I18 Klinik Amalia Medical Centre
9 I19 Klinik Nurhuda Medical Centre
10 I20 Klinik Citra Medical Centre
11 I21 Klinik Higina Medical Centre
12 I22 An-Nur Medical Centre
13 I23 Klinik Hidayah Medical Centre
14 I24 Klinik AS-Shafa
15 I25 Klinik AR-RAUDAH Medical Centre
16 I26 Rumah Sakit Dr.Sardjito
17 I27 Assa' adah Medical Center
18 I28 Klinik Azzahra Medical Center
19 I29 LKS Central Medical
20 I30 LAB. Klinik Permata Semarang
21 I31 LAB. Klinik Centrum
22 I32 Ultra Medica Kediri
23 I33 Ultra Medica Yogyakarta
24 I34 Imam Bonjol
25 I35 LAB. Klinik An Nur Cilacap
26 I36 LAB. Klinik Ultra Medica Semarang
27 I37 Klinik Karya Nusantara Medica Malang
28 I39 LAB. Klinik Ultra Medica Surabaya
29 I40 Klinik Utama Dialisa Surabaya
30 I41 Tihama Medical Center
31 I42 Rayhan Medical Center
32 I43 Klinik Kesehatan Argaraya Medika
33 I44 Haninah Medical Center
34 I45 Klink Utama Amanah Medika Pura
35 I46 Klinik Utama An-Nur
36 I47 Moslem Medical Centre
37 I48 Klinik Utama Assalam Medical Centre
38 I49 Klinik Saadah Bina Medika
39 I50 Klinik Utama Anugerah Ibu
40 I51 Klinik Spesialis Anugerah Ibu
41 I52 RSUD Kabupaten Indramayu
菲律賓(Philippines) 1 P02 Manila Doctor's Hospital
2 P04 Physician's Diagnostic Center
3 P05 S.M.Lazo Medical
4 P06 Arguelles Medical Center, Inc.
5 P07 Our Lady of Fatima Medical Clinic
6 P08 St. Martin Polyclinic
7 P09 Physician's Diagnostic Services Center, Cebu City
8 P10 St. Peter Paul Medical Clinic
9 P11 Good Health Diagnostic Center
10 P12 Philippine Medical Tests System
11 P15 Sacred Heart Diagnostic Medical Center
12 P16 MedWay Healthcare Inc.
13 P17 Clemen's Medical Clinic
14 P18 Medisense Laboratory Center(Davao Branch)
泰國(Thailand) 1 T01 Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok
2 T02 Chulalongkorn Hospital, Bangkok
3 T03 Ramathibodi Hospital, Bangkok
4 T04 Ratchawithi Hospital, Bangkok
5 T07 Maharat Nakhonratchasima Hospital
6 T08 Lampang Hospital
7 T09 Ekachai Hospital
越南(Vietnam) 1 V01 Bach Mai Hospital 白梅醫院
2 V02 Hue Central Hospital 順化中央醫院
3 V03 Cho Ray Hospital 大水鑊醫院
4 V04 Saint Paul Hospital 河内聖保羅醫院
5 V05 Giao thong Hospital 一號交通運輸醫院
6 V06 Thong Nhat Hospital 統一醫院
7 V07 Trang An Hospital 長安醫院
8 V08 Hong Ngoc Hospital 紅玉多科醫院
9 V09 E Hospital E醫院
10 V10 Hai Phong Medical University Hospital 海防醫藥大學醫院
11 V11 Danang Hospital 峴港醫院
12 V12 Khanh Hoa Hospital 慶和省多科醫院
13 V13 Can Tho General Central Hospital 肯特中央多科醫院
14 V14 182 Luong The Vinh Policlinic, Viet Nam National Universith Hospital 河內國家大學醫院梁世榮182號綜合醫診所
蒙古(Mongolia) 1 G01 National Center for Communicable Disease (NCCD)

If your country is not on the list, please inquire the responsible “Embassy”, “Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office” or “Taipei Economic and Cultural Office” for information on applying visa to Taiwan (R.O.C.), including the hospitals qualified for health examination.

UpdateTime 2019/9/2