Items Required for Health Certificate for Residence in Taiwan

  1. Chest X-Ray for Tuberculosis
  2. Stool Examination for Parasites
  3. Serological Test for Syphilis
  4. Proof of positive measles and rubella antibody titers or measles and rubella vaccination certificates
  5. Examination for Hansen’s disease


  1. This form is for residence application.
  2. A child under 6 years old does not necessary to have a laboratory examination, but the certificate of vaccination is necessary. Children age one and above should get at least one dose of measles and rubella vaccines.
  3. Pregnant women and children under 12 years old are exempt from chest X-ray examination and are considered passed. Pregnant women should undergo chest X-ray examination after childbirth.
  4. Qualifications for applying for exemption from chest X-ray examination: People who are from countries with a tuberculosis incidence rate of under 30/100,000 and have received the certificate from a psychiatrist stating that the applicant is psychologically unsuitable for undergoing chest X-ray examination, which is verified by CDC, are exempt from the examination.
  5. A child under 15 years old does not necessary to have a Serological Test for Syphilis.
  6. Applicants coming from countries or areas listed in Appendix 3 and 4 are not required to undergo a stool examination for parasites and an examination for Hansen’s disease.
  7. Hansen's disease examination should be accompanied by family members or female medical personnel. The examination should proceed gradually by different body parts, avoiding the simultaneous removal of all clothing at once. The person being examined should avoid being in only underwear or undergarments; they may use an examination gown or robe to maintain their privacy.
UpdateTime 2024/7/15