Investigation of Community Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Outbreak in Taipei Region, 2014

Chu-Ming Chiu, ling-ling Lin, Pi-Fei Tsai, Jiunn-Shyan Julian Wu, Hui-Rong Liu, Jer-Jea Yen

2015 Vol.31 NO.12

Correspondence Author: Jiunn-Shyan Julian Wu

  • Taipei Regional Center, Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare,Taiwan


      Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis(MDR-TB)is a key issue in the tuberculosis prevention control. There are two cases in this MDR-TB outbreak. The contact information of the index case was not provided to the public health staff. As a result, the contacts are not recorded in the tracking list of the second case. This MDR-TB outbreak has been aggressively followed up by public health authorities according to Communicable Disease Control Act. Five contacts are subsequently found. One of them is confirmed to be a TB case.

       The two confirmed MDR-TB cases are with the same restricted fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) genotype in this outbreak. From this MDB-TB outbreak, we learn a lot on the MDR-TB control which can provide public health staff for improving investigation and contacts tracking about MDB-TB outbreak: 1) Building a good relationship with patients, 2) Strengthening professional abilities of investigation and contacts tracking for public health staff, 3) Using multi-channel mechanism to obtain TB cases and contacts information in time, and 4) Implementing public authority.

Keywords:Community;outbreak;Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis(MDR-TB); investigation