Title Volume Date
Epidemiological And Clinical Characteristics of Measles Cases in Taiwan: An Age–Period–Cohort Analysis, 2002–2019 Vol.40 NO.8 2024-04-30
Review And Current Status of Hyperimmune Plasma for Snake Antivenoms in Taiwan Vol.40 NO.7 2024-04-16
The Evolution of Latent Tuberculosis Infection Regimens And Analysis of The Completion Rates, Taiwan, 2016–2022 Vol.40 NO.6 2024-03-26
Latent Tuberculosis Infection Among New Immigrant in Taiwan: A Cross-Sectional Study of Tuberculosis Contacts, 2016–2020 Vol.40 NO.6 2024-03-26
Bovine Tuberculosis in Taiwan, 2008–2020 Vol.40 NO.5 2024-03-12
COVID-19 Home Quarantine Measures and Achievements in Taiwan Vol.40 NO.4 2024-02-27
Review of The Achievement for Establishing And Maintaining Core Capacities at Taichung International Airport Vol.40 NO.4 2024-02-27
The Sanitation Surveillance at Taichung International Airport, Taiwan, 2015–2021 Vol.40 NO.3 2024-02-06
Quarantine of Cruise Ships during COVID-19 Pandemic in Port of Keelung, Taiwan, 2020 Vol.40 NO.2 2024-01-23
Enhancing Disease Control on Inbound Ships: A Trial of COVID-19 Rapid Testing and Disease Control Protocols at Kaohsiung Port, March-May 2022 Vol.40 NO.2 2024-01-23
Evaluation of Travel Medicine Services in Contract Hospitals, Taiwan, 2006–2019 Vol.40 NO.1 2024-01-09
An Outbreak of Foodborne Gastroenteritis in an Environmental Education Activity, Taoyuan, 2020 Vol.39 NO.24 2023-12-19
Analysis on Related Factors of Social Support, Self-efficacy, and Quality of Life in Tuberculosis Patients in Northern District of Taiwan, 2019 Vol.39 NO.23 2023-12-05
Discussion on The Establishment of Biosafety Officers in Biorisk Management System in Taiwan Vol.39 NO.22 2023-11-21
Application of Advanced Whole Genome Sequencing Technology for Tuberculosis Outbreak Investigation Vol.39 NO.21 2023-11-07
Analysis for Rodent Surveillance in Taichung Port, 2017–2020 Vol.39 NO.19 2023-10-03
The Quarantine Measures of Distant Water Fishing Vessels Crew During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Taiwan, 2020–2022 Vol.39 NO.18 2023-09-19
Staphylococcal Food Poisoning in A Training Institution, Hsinchu County, 2022 Vol.39 NO.17 2023-09-05
An Investigation on a Food Poisoning Outbreak Linked to a Catering Lunch Served in Three High Schools, New Taipei City, 2019 Vol.39 NO.17 2023-09-05
International Travel and Dengue Fever at The Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan, 2014–2018 Vol.39 NO.16 2023-08-22
Risk Factor Analysis of Imported Dengue Fever Cases at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, 2015–2017 Vol.39 NO.12 2023-06-20
The Experience of On-site Testing of Passengers on Arrival Flights at Taoyuan International Airport in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Taiwan, 2022 Vol.39 NO.11 2023-06-06
The Experience of Utilizing International Health Regulations Core Capacities Responding to COVID-19 Pandemic at Points of Entry, Taoyuan International Airport Vol.39 NO.11 2023-06-06
The Current Status of Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Treatment and Vaccine Development of Rift Valley Fever Vol.39 NO.9 2023-05-09
Execution of Disciplinary Actions in Response to the COVID-19 Epidemic — An Example of a Sanctioned Ship, Taiwan, 2022 Vol.39 NO.8 2023-04-25
Epidemiological Analysis of Scrub Typhus, Central Taiwan, 2015–2020 Vol.39 NO.7 2023-04-11
A Preliminary Study of Tuberculosis Treatment Failures in Eastern Region, Taiwan, 2018 to 2020 Vol.39 NO.5 2023-03-07
Epidemic Status and Risk Assessment of Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome in Taiwan Vol.39 NO.4 2023-02-21
The Association between Seroepidemiology of Hantavirus Disease and Climate Change, Taiwan, 2020 Vol.39 NO.3 2023-02-07
Update of Negative Pressure Automatic Control System in High Protection Laboratory and Review of Abnormal Events-an Example of Tainan Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory Vol.39 NO.2 2023-01-17
Application of WGS-PCR Method in Assisting Identification of <em>Shigella</em> spp. Vol.39 NO.2 2023-01-17
Interim Epidemiological Analysis of The SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Wave in Taiwan, January–June 2022 Vol.38 NO.24 2022-12-20
Using New Media for Health Education and Communication during the COVID-19 Outbreak Vol.38 NO.24 2022-12-20
Quarantine Measurements of Cruise Ships at Keelung Port During COVID-19 Pandemic, Taiwan, 2020 Vol.38 NO.23 2022-12-06
Preliminary Results of Ship Sanitation Inspections, Taiwan, 2011–2017 Vol.38 NO.23 2022-12-06
The Past, Current Situation, and Future Development of HIV Rapid Testing Policy and Tools in Taiwan Vol.38 NO.22 2022-11-22
The Strategy for The Elimination of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV in Taiwan, 2005–2019 Vol.38 NO.22 2022-11-22
Progress and Refinement of Laboratory Biosafety Management in Taiwan Vol.38 NO.20 2022-10-18
Strategy And Development of Border Quarantine During COVID-19 Pandemic, Taiwan, July 2020 to June 2022 Vol.38 NO.19 2022-10-04
Reviewing The Legal Formation Responding to COVID-19 Pandemic And Analyzing The Revision of Communicable Disease Control Act Vol.38 NO.19 2022-10-04
The Operation And Response of The Communicable Disease Control Medical Network for The COVID-19 Pandemic Vol.38 NO.18 2022-09-20
Guidelines for Enterprise Planning of Business Continuity under The COVID-19 Pandemic Vol.38 NO.18 2022-09-20
Characteristics And Public Health Responses of Monkeypox Outbreak, Taiwan, 2022 Vol.38 NO.17 2022-09-06
Assessment of Covid-19 Vaccine Procurement And Supply in Taiwan Vol.38 NO.16 2022-08-23
The Experience of International Medical Evacuation for  Citizens Abroad During COVID-19 Pandemic at Kaohsiung International Airport Vol.38 NO.15 2022-08-09
Laboratory Surveillance of COVID-19 Variants in Taiwan Vol.38 NO.15 2022-08-09
Compaison of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in OECD Member Countries And Taiwan Vol.38 NO.12 2022-06-21
The Establishment And Implementation of COVID-19 Entry Quarantine System in Taiwan, 2020 Vol.38 NO.11 2022-06-07
Review of COVID-19 And Fungal Infections Vol.38 NO.9 2022-05-10
Quarantine Operations for Offshore Wind Power in  Taichung Port during COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020 Vol.38 NO.6 2022-03-22
Strategies for Supplying Personal Protective Equipment to Hospitals in Taiwan during The Early COVID-19 Pandemic Vol.38 NO.5 2022-03-08
The First Documented Detection of the Hepatitis E Virus in Rats in Taiwan Vol.38 NO.2 2022-01-25
A Study on Infectious Biological Materials Import/Export Permit Process at Taipei Regional Center of Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, 2015–2017 Vol.38 NO.1 2022-01-11
Preliminary Results of Establishment of Novel Tuberculosis Control Model in Long-Term Care Facilities in Taiwan, 2018 Vol.37 NO.22 2021-11-23
Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis in Rural Aboriginal Towns, Hsinchu County, 2018 Vol.37 NO.21 2021-11-09
An Experience of Establishing A Sampling Site at Kaohsiung International Airport in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020 Vol.37 NO.19 2021-10-12
The Chikungunya Epidemic Synopsis And Strategies of Prevention And Control, Taiwan, 2019 Vol.37 NO.18 2021-09-28
Serosurveillance on Poultry-Related Workers at Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza-Infected Farms/Slaughterhouse in Taiwan, 2017 Vol.37 NO.17 2021-09-14
Outbreak Control of Dengue Fever in Taichung City, 2018 Vol.37 NO.15 2021-08-10
The Adoption of Design Thinking in Government Information Systems: An Empirical Study of The Revisions of Notifiable Disease Surveillance System   Vol.37 NO.13 2021-07-13
Training of Field Workers for Prevention and Control of Dengue Fever-The Example of “Breeding Site Elimination Mentoring Project”, 2018 Vol.37 NO.12 2021-06-22
Prevention And Control of Dengue Fever at The Vegetable Orchards in Metropolitan Areas, 2018 Vol.37 NO.11 2021-06-08
The Effects of COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign on SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Worldwide Vol.37 NO.11 2021-06-08
The Survey of Rodent-Borne Infectious Diseases in Orchid Island, 2019 Vol.37 NO.9 2021-05-11
A Brief Review of Three Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccines Vol.37 NO.7 2021-04-13
Current Status of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever on Epidemiology, Laboratory Diagnosis, Treatment And Vaccine Development Vol.37 NO.4 2021-02-23
Epidemiology of Invasive Group A Streptococcal Infections and Associated Toxic Shock Syndrome in Taiwan, 2011–2015 Vol.37 NO.3 2021-02-09
Analysis for Health Inspection of Ships in Taichung Port, 2011–2018 Vol.37 NO.2 2021-01-26
Review of The Preparedness for Establishing And Maintaining Core Capacities at Port of Kaohsiung by IHR External Experts, 2018 Vol.37 NO.1 2021-01-12
Current Status And Genetic Analysis of Artemisinin Resistance in Malaria Vol.36 NO.24 2020-12-22
Laboratory-Acquired Infections And Biosafety of High Pathogenic Risk-Group 3 Bacteria Vol.36 NO.23 2020-12-08
The Border Controls for COVID-19 Prevention in Macau, 2020 Vol.36 NO.22 2020-11-24
Clarifications of Misconceptions Regarding Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in Taiwan Vol.36 NO.21 2020-11-10
Epidemiology of Acute Diarrheal Disease Outbreaks Caused by Non-Routine Examination Pathogens in Taiwan Vol.36 NO.18 2020-09-22
The Development of Pharmacological Treatment for COVID-19 Vol.36 NO.16 2020-08-18
Covid-19: Global Progress in Developing Vaccines and Mechanisms for Equitable Distribution Vol.36 NO.16 2020-08-18
Preparedness and Contingency Responses of Healthcare System to COVID-19 in Taiwan, 2020 Vol.36 NO.16 2020-08-18
The Measures and Achievement of Community Epidemic Prevention against COVID-19 in Taiwan Vol.36 NO.15 2020-08-04
Border Quarantine Measures and Achievement of COVID-19 Control in Taiwan Vol.36 NO.15 2020-08-04
An Overview of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Risk Assessment, July, 2020 Vol.36 NO.15 2020-08-04
Preliminary Study on Outcomes of Dengue Fever Prevention and Control Strategies, Tainan City, 2017 Vol.36 NO.14 2020-07-21
Improving Capability in Dengue Fever Prevention at The Local Level by The Breeding Site Elimination Mentoring Project And Outdoor Block Joint Prevention And Control Project: Dengue Fever Outbreak in Xinzhuang District of New Taipei City as An Example, 2018 Vol.36 NO.13 2020-07-07
The Responding Hospital Infectious Disease Emergency Response Plan of The Communicable Disease Control Medical Network - The Evaluation And Review Report of The 2018 Exercise Vol.36 NO.12 2020-06-23
Current Status of Biological Select Agents And Toxins Management in Taiwan Vol.36 NO.11 2020-06-09
Design And Implementation of Field Epidemiology Trainings for Zoonotic Diseases Vol.36 NO.10 2020-05-26
A <em>Salmonella</em> Induced Food Poisoning Outbreak Among One Hotel Employees, 2018 Vol.36 NO.9 2020-05-12
Epidemiological And Clinical Characteristics of The First 18 Patients with COVID-19 in Taiwan Vol.36 NO.8 2020-04-28
Investigation of Acute Hepatitis C Outbreak in A Hospital in Southern Taiwan, 2017 Vol.36 NO.7 2020-04-14
Review of Active Tuberculosis Screening Program Combined with Health Care Service Plan in Mountainous Townships in North Taiwan, 2017 Vol.36 NO.6 2020-03-24
Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices of Tour Operators Toward Travel-Related Infectious Diseases, Taiwan, 2017 Vol.36 NO.3 2020-02-11
The Analysis of Online Polls And Telephone Polls on Policies in Infectious Diseases Control by Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, 2015–2017 Vol.36 NO.3 2020-02-11
The Importance of Safe Sex, HIV Screening And Treatment Adherence: Study of Four Cases in Central Taiwan, 2017 Vol.36 NO.2 2020-01-21
Hantavirus Surveillance And Control of Rodent Populations at Kaohsiung International Port, Taiwan, 2014–2017 Vol.36 NO.1 2020-01-07
Serosurveillance of Hantavirus Antibodies in Rodents at Port of Taichung, 2011–2016 Vol.36 NO.1 2020-01-07
The Comparison of Response Frameworks on Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Incidents in Four Countries/Region Vol.35 NO.24 2019-12-17
Characteristics of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-positive Patients Reported by Blood Centers, Central Taiwan, 2011–2016 Vol.35 NO.23 2019-12-03
Analysis of Newly Diagnosed Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected Cases Applying for National Health Service Card and Healthcare Seeking Behavior, Greater Taipei Area, 2016 Vol.35 NO.23 2019-12-03
Evaluation of Immunochromatographic Rapid Test for Norovirus Vol.35 NO.20 2019-10-22
Application of Next-Generation Sequencing in Public Health—Analysis of NDM-5-Carrying Bacteria, 2014–2017 Vol.35 NO.20 2019-10-22
Overview of The Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Stockpiling Strategies Vol.35 NO.18 2019-09-24
Impacts of Publicly Funded Dengue NS1 Antigen Rapid Test Program on Notification Timeliness, Taiwan, 2013–2017 Vol.35 NO.16 2019-08-20
The Prevention Strategies for Dengue Fever in Macau Vol.35 NO.15 2019-08-06
Overview of The Diagnostics, Treatments And Vaccines for Ebola Virus Infection Vol.35 NO.14 2019-07-23
Ecological Characteristics And Viral Transmission Capability of Aedes aegypti And Ae. albopictus Vol.35 NO.13 2019-07-09
Review of Indigenous Dengue Fever Epidemic and Responses in Tainan City, 2015 Vol.35 NO.12 2019-06-18
The Strategy and Methods for Large-Scale Epidemic of Dengue Fever Control, Tainan, 2015 Vol.35 NO.12 2019-06-18
Prevention and Control Measures for Neonatal Enterovirus Infections Vol.35 NO.8 2019-04-23
Response and Control Measures for Enterovirus Echo 11 Infections in Neonates, 2018 Vol.35 NO.8 2019-04-23
The Sanitation Surveillance of Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan, 2014–2016 Vol.35 NO.5 2019-03-12
Introduction of Taiwan Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance System Vol.35 NO.3 2019-02-19
Challenges and Progress of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Control in Taiwan, 2007–2016 Vol.35 NO.2 2019-01-29
Assessment of Compulsory Examination for Typhoid Fever, Paratyphoid Fever And Bacillary Dysentery in Indonesian Migrant Labors Vol.34 NO.24 2018-12-18
Review of Vaccine Injury Compensation Program based on Compensated Amount and Petition Reasons, 2006–2015 Vol.34 NO.23 2018-12-04
A comparison of causal relationship and payment standards in Different Vaccine Injury Compensation Programs Vol.34 NO.22 2018-11-20
Preliminary Investigation of Drinking Water Quality on Passenger Ships in National Ports of Northern Taiwan and Ports of Mini-Three-Links Vol.34 NO.20 2018-10-23
Investigation of Human Exposure and Rabies Postexposure Treatment to Gem-Faced Civets And Ferret-Badgers in Taiwan, 2014 Vol.34 NO.19 2018-10-09
Routine Varicella Immunization And The Impact on Its Epidemiology, Medical Expenditure And Social Costs in Taiwan, 2000–2012 Vol.34 NO.18 2018-09-18
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Hepatitis A Vaccination for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in Taiwan, 2016 Vol.34 NO.17 2018-09-04
Epidemiological Analysis of Acute Hepatitis C in Taipei Region, 2015–2016 Vol.34 NO.15 2018-08-07
A Preliminary Study on The Risk Factors for Imported Malaria, Taiwan, 2006–2016 Vol.34 NO.14 2018-07-24
Seroepidemiological Investigation of Hantavirus Hemorrhagic Fever Cases and Murine, Kaohsiung, 2016 Vol.34 NO.14 2018-07-24
The Quarantine Measures in Response to Zika Virus Epidemic, Taiwan, 2016 Vol.34 NO.12 2018-06-19
Achievements of Dengue Fever Prevention in Wan Village, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, 2014 Vol.34 NO.11 2018-06-05
Tuberculosis Comorbidity with Non-Communicable Diseases: Prevalence and Duration of Treatment, Taiwan, 2013–2014 Vol.34 NO.6 2018-03-20
First Screening and Treatment Campaign for Latent Tuberculosis Infections in a Mountainous Township, Taiwan, 2016–2017 Vol.34 NO.6 2018-03-20
Infection Control Inspection Report of Long-Term Care Institutions, 2016 Vol.34 NO.5 2018-03-06
A Study on the Relationship between the Spread of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Bats Vol.34 NO.3 2018-02-06
Study on the Knowledge and Behavior for Enterovirus Prevention in Primary Caregivers of Preschool Children in Central Taiwan, 2016 Vol.34 NO.2 2018-01-23
Epidemiology of Syphilis and Gonorrhea in Taiwan, 2005–2016 Vol.33 NO.24 2017-12-19
A Study on Tuberculosis Epidemic and Related Infection Control Measures of Populous Institutions in Taipei City and New Taipei City, Taiwan, 2013–2016 Vol.33 NO.23 2017-12-05
Laboratory and Clinical Diagnosis of Patients Reporting Multiple Notifiable Diseases Vol.33 NO.22 2017-11-21
The Analysis of International Medical-related Stockpile Systems Vol.33 NO.22 2017-11-21
Epidemiology of Vibrio cholerae, Taiwan, 2016 Vol.33 NO.21 2017-11-07
Status of Laboratory Diagnosis on Tuberculosis, Taiwan, 2015 Vol.33 NO.20 2017-10-24
Epidemiology and Molecular Diagnosis of Leprosy, Taiwan, 2002–2016 Vol.33 NO.20 2017-10-24
Investigation and Intervention of a Tuberculosis Outbreak among Inpatients in a Chronic Psychiatric Hospital, Taiwan, 2009–2016 Vol.33 NO.19 2017-10-03
Analysis of Influenza Epidemic in Taiwan during 2015/16 Influenza Season Vol.33 NO.18 2017-09-19
The Impact of Switching International Classification of Diseases Version on the Surveillance System: Influenza-Like Illness Cases from The Real-Time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance System Vol.33 NO.18 2017-09-19
A Survey of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Relating to Adverse Events Following Seasonal Influenza Vaccination among Healthcare Providers in Taiwan, 2015 Vol.33 NO.17 2017-09-05
Performance Evaluation of the Alere i Influenza A&B Rapid Diagnostic Test, 2016 Vol.33 NO.17 2017-09-05
The Border Quarantine Response to the Outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus at Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan, 2015 Vol.33 NO.16 2017-08-22
Investigation of Ship Sanitation Inspection at Kaohsiung Port, 2011–2015 Vol.33 NO.16 2017-08-22
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Survey of Tour Operators Regarding Travel-Related Infectious Diseases, Taiwan, 2016 Vol.33 NO.15 2017-08-08
Feasibility of Applying Travel Safety Short Message Service (SMS) for Risk Assessment on Infectious Disease Exposure, Taiwan, 2015 Vol.33 NO.15 2017-08-08
Improving the Local Government Dengue Fever Prevention Skills — Using Examples of “Breeding Site Elimination Mentoring Project” and “Breeding Site Elimination Project” Vol.33 NO.14 2017-07-25
Assessment of Sensitivity of Screening for Imported Notifiable Diseases at Port of Entry, Taiwan, 2012–2015 Vol.33 NO.12 2017-06-27
The Impacts on Acute Communicable Diseases after the Implementation of Mini-Three-Links at Kinmen, 2001–2015 Vol.33 NO.12 2017-06-27
The Application of Laboratory Automated Reporting System on Listeria Infection Surveillance Vol.33 NO.11 2017-06-13
The Establishment, Maintenance and Operation of Communicable Disease Control Medical Network Vol.33 NO.11 2017-06-13
The Model and Effects of Interdepartmental Dengue Fever Prevention and Control, Taichung City, 2015 Vol.33 NO.10 2017-05-23
Analysis of Antivenin Usage in Taiwan from National Health Insurance Research Database, 2008–2012 Vol.33 NO.9 2017-05-09
Survey of Snakebite by <i>Protobothrops mucrosquamatus</i> and <i>Viridovipera stejnegeri</i>, Taiwan, 2008 Vol.33 NO.9 2017-05-09
Enhancing Integration of HIV Testing into TB Control Program and Factors Associated with Refusal of HIV Testing in Taiwan, July 2013–June 2014 Vol.33 NO.5 2017-03-14
Preliminary Analysis of Timely Diagnosis of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Using a Streamlined Molecular Diagnostic Process Vol.33 NO.5 2017-03-14
Epidemiology and Drug Resistance of Shigellosis, Taiwan, 2015 Vol.33 NO.4 2017-02-21
Preliminary Study of Shigella Cases Co-infection with HIV, Taipei, Taiwan, January to August, 2015 Vol.33 NO.4 2017-02-21
The Prevalence of Children Head Lice Infestation in a Rural Town in Nantou County, 2014 Vol.33 NO.3 2017-02-14
The Technique of Positive-Control Cell Block in Infectious Disease Pathology Vol.33 NO.3 2017-02-14
Application of Bacterial Genotyping Techniques in Molecular Epidemiology of Foodborne Diseases Vol.33 NO.2 2017-01-24
HIV Care Services Offered to Foreign People Living with HIV in Advanced Countries Vol.33 NO.1 2017-01-10
Evolution and Innovation of Health Examination System for Foreign Employees, Taiwan, 1989–2015 Vol.33 NO.1 2017-01-10
Review of Simplifying Border Quarantine Practice in Taiwan Vol.32 NO.24 2016-12-20
Establishment of Quality Control Method for Identifying <i>Protobothrops mucrosquamatus</i> and <i>Viridovipera stejnegeri</i> from Taiwan Vol.32 NO.24 2016-12-20
Effectiveness of Using Smartphone Applications to Advocate HIV Screening Vol.32 NO.23 2016-12-06
Sex Health Knowledge and HIV Prevention among Teenagers in Eastern Taiwan Vol.32 NO.23 2016-12-06
Strategies of Stockpiling and Use of Influenza Antivirals in Taiwan Vol.32 NO.22 2016-11-22
Surveillance of Vector Mosquitoes from the Aircraft Cabins at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, 2005–2013 Vol.32 NO.21 2016-11-08
Surveillance of Rodent Population at Kaohsiung International Port, Taiwan, 2009–2012 Vol.32 NO.20 2016-10-18
Correlation between Scrub Typhus Vectors and Human Cases, Penghu, 2003–2015 Vol.32 NO.19 2016-10-04
Zika Virus Infection: An Emerging Mosquito-Borne Disease Threatening Global Health Vol.32 NO.18 2016-09-20
Effect of Intensified Care on the Prognosis of High-Risk Dengue Inpatients, Kaohsiung-Pingtung Region, 2014 Vol.32 NO.18 2016-09-20
Infection Control Inspections at the General, Postpartum and Psychiatric Nursing Facilities, 2014 Vol.32 NO.17 2016-09-06
Work Load and Stress among Public Health Nurses for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention in Central Taiwan Vol.32 NO.16 2016-08-23
Evolution and Determinants of BCG Immunization Policy: Canada’s Experience Vol.32 NO.16 2016-08-23
Performance Analysis of Taiwan CDC Facebook Fan Page Vol.32 NO.15 2016-08-09
Suspected Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV, Taipei Regional Center, 2013–2014 Vol.32 NO.15 2016-08-09
Prevention and Control of Hepatitis B in Taiwan Vol.32 NO.14 2016-07-19
Timeliness of Dengue Fever Reporting, Tainan City, 2014 Vol.32 NO.13 2016-07-05
Drug Resistant Tuberculosis among Tuberculosis Patients and Their Referral Rates Vol.32 NO.12 2016-06-21
Risk Assessment on Zika Virus Infection in Taiwan Vol.32 NO.11 2016-06-07
Dengue Fever in Southeast Asia Vol.32 NO.11 2016-06-07
Health Behavior Survey and Community Center to Promote Health in Men Who Have Sex with Men Vol.32 NO.10 2016-05-24
Laboratory-Acquired Parasitic Infections and Biosafety Vol.32 NO.9 2016-05-10
Laboratory-Acquired Fungal Infections and Biosafety Vol.32 NO.9 2016-05-10
Challenges for Laboratory Diagnosis of Measles in Measles Eliminaion Phase Vol.32 NO.8 2016-04-26
Molecular Epidemiology of Japanese Encephalitis Virus in Mosquitoes during 2013–2014 Vol.32 NO.7 2016-04-12
Cost Analysis of Latent Tuberculosis Infection Treatment in Central Taiwan Vol.32 NO.6 2016-03-22
Risk Factors for School Tuberculosis Outbreaks Vol.32 NO.6 2016-03-22
History of Major Epidemics of Avian Influenza in Humans and Public Health Perspectives Vol.32 NO.5 2016-03-08
Border Quarantine Measures to Prevent Ebola at Taoyuan International Airport in 2014 Vol.32 NO.5 2016-03-08
Epidemiology and Prevention of Meningococcal Meningitis: The Role of Vaccines Vol.32 NO.4 2016-02-23
Introduction to An Assessment Tool for Early Detection of Suspected Bioterrorism Attack Vol.32 NO.3 2016-02-02
Biological Disaster Prevention and Response System in Taiwan Vol.32 NO.3 2016-02-02
Pertussis in Taiwan, 2001–2014 Vol.32 NO.2 2016-01-19
Antigenic Changes in <i>Bordetella pertussis</i> Strains Circulating in Taiwan, 1992–2014 Vol.32 NO.2 2016-01-19
Definition Recognition Among Taiwan Nosocomial Infections Surveillance(TNIS) System Hospitals Vol.32 NO.1 2016-01-05
Infection Prevention and Control in Long-Term Care Facilities in Taiwan Vol.32 NO.1 2016-01-05
Implementation Progress on IHR (2005) among WHO Member States Vol.31 NO.24 2015-12-22
HIV in Taiwan 2014 Statistics Overview Vol.31 NO.23 2015-12-08
Molecular Patterns of <i>Burkholderia pseudomallei</i> in Taiwan, 2011-2014 Vol.31 NO.23 2015-12-08
Toxinotype of <i>Clostridium difficile</i> in Taiwan Vol.31 NO.23 2015-12-08
Epidemiology of <i>Vibrio parahaemolyticus</i> in Southern Taiwan, 2004–2013 Vol.31 NO.22 2015-11-24
Foodborne Outbreaks, Eastern Taiwan, 2014 Vol.31 NO.22 2015-11-24
Risk Assessment of Enterovirus D68 in Taiwan Vol.31 NO.21 2015-11-10
Coxsackievirus A6 Infections in Taiwan Vol.31 NO.21 2015-11-10
Effectiveness of Active Tuberculosis Screening Program for Adolescents and Young Adults with a Household Register in Mountain Townships, 2011–2012 Vol.31 NO.20 2015-10-26
Outbreak Investigation and Control Experience of School Tuberculosis in Taipei Region Vol.31 NO.20 2015-10-26
Main Caregivers’ Knowledge and Behavior of Influenza Prevention for Preschoolers in Central Taiwan Vol.31 NO.19 2015-10-13
The Impact of the Newly Revised Habeas Corpus Act on Isolation of Patients with Communicable Diseases Vol.31 NO.19 2015-10-13
Updates on Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in Taiwan and Program Evaluation Vol.31 NO.18 2015-09-22
A Comparison of Vaccine Injury Compensation Scheme in Germany, Finland and Taiwan Vol.31 NO.18 2015-09-22
Fatal Cases in the 2014 Dengue Epidemic in Taiwan Vol.31 NO.17 2015-09-08
Laboratory Characteristics of Dengue Fever in Taiwan During 2009–2013 Vol.31 NO.17 2015-09-08
Case Reports and Prevention Measures of Waterborne Protozoan Infections in Public Swimming Pools and Other Recreational Waters Vol.31 NO.16 2015-08-25
Probable Application of Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait (ATSB) for Dengue Fever and Malaria Vector Control Vol.31 NO.16 2015-08-25
Exploring the Effectiveness of Dengue Outbreak Control Measures, Chun-Ri Township, Ping-Tung County, 2013 Vol.31 NO.15 2015-08-11
Evaluation of Dengue Vector Surveillance System, 2011–2013, Tainan Vol.31 NO.15 2015-08-11
Surveillance of <i>Anaplasma phagocytophilum</i> Infections in Murines in Kinmen Area, 2014 Vol.31 NO.14 2015-07-28
Epidemiological Investigation of Hantavirus in Rodents at International Ports in Taiwan, 2010-2013 Vol.31 NO.14 2015-07-28
Profile of Imported Notifiable Acute Infectious Diseases from South-East Asia Region in Taiwanese between 2008 and 2013 Vol.31 NO.13 2015-07-14
The Assessment of Simplified Procedure of Quarantine Measures to Travelers through SKY JET CENTER Vol.31 NO.13 2015-07-14
Laboratory Biosafety for Testing of Ebola Virus Disease in Taiwan Vol.31 NO.12 2015-06-23
Introduction of Infectious Diseases Biobank in Taiwan CDC Vol.31 NO.12 2015-06-23
Lessons Learned from Epidemiological Investigations of the Enterohemorrhagic <I>Escherichia coli</i> O104:H4 Outbreak in Germany 2011 Vol.31 NO.11 2015-06-09
Epidemiology of <i>Vibrio cholerae</i> Infection in Taiwan Vol.31 NO.11 2015-06-09
Salmonellosis Surveillance and Epidemiological Trend in Taiwan Vol.31 NO.10 2015-05-26
Introduction of Laboratory-based Surveillance System for Enterovirus in Taiwan Vol.31 NO.9 2015-05-11
Current Progress in Dengue Vaccine Clinical Trial Vol.31 NO.8 2015-04-27
Review of Tetanus Vaccine Vol.31 NO.8 2015-04-27
Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Ebola Virus Disease among Medical Clerks and Interns Vol.31 NO.7 2015-04-14
A Preliminary Study of Latent Tuberculosis in a Mountainous Township in Central Taiwan Vol.31 NO.7 2015-04-14
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Chest X-ray Screening in Specific Populations Vol.31 NO.6 2015-03-24
The Effectiveness of Chest Radiographic Screening Among Tuberculosis Contacts Vol.31 NO.6 2015-03-24
Assessment and Perspective of BCG -Vaccination Policy in Taiwan Vol.31 NO.5 2015-03-10
Application of Snake-Venom and Technology of Antivenom Manufactory Vol.31 NO.4 2015-02-24
Epidemiological Survey of the Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Human Pathogen <i>Clostridium difficile</i> Vol.31 NO.4 2015-02-24
Epidemiology of Imported Shigellosis Detected in Taoyuan International Airport of Taiwan, 2009-2013 Vol.31 NO.3 2015-02-10
Surveillance and Control for <i>Anopheles sinensis</i> Wiedemann at Taichung Airport Vol.31 NO.3 2015-02-10
Establishing Core Capacities of the Designated Port of Entry for International Health Regulations 2005 at Kaohsiung Port Vol.31 NO.2 2015-01-27
Profile of Imported Notifiable Acute Infectious Diseases from China, Hong Kong and Macao in Taiwanese between 2008 and 2013 Vol.31 NO.2 2015-01-27
The Analysis of Ship Sanitation Certificates Issued at Kaohsiung Port during 2011-2012 Vol.31 NO.2 2015-01-27
Epidemiology and Evolution of Influenza A/H7N9 Vol.31 NO.1 2015-01-13
Estimation of Male Population Who Engaging in Commercial Sex and Exploring of Associated Factors In Taiwan Vol.30 NO.24 2014-12-23
The Change of HIV Stigma Attitude among Adult Males in Taiwan: 2009-2012 Vol.30 NO.24 2014-12-23
Surveillance of Drug-resistance of Newly Diagnosed HIV-1 Infected Patients in Taiwan, 2010-2012 Vol.30 NO.24 2014-12-23
Evaluation of “100% Condom Usage” LED Signage Program in Gay Bathhouses Vol.30 NO.23 2014-12-09
Is Partner Notification an Intrude Patients’ Privacy? An Analysis of HIV/AIDS Contact Tracing and Public Health Workers’ Duty of Confidentiality Vol.30 NO.23 2014-12-09
Performance Evaluation of a Novel Rapid Influenza Test Vol.30 NO.22 2014-11-25
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The Response and the Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria, 2014 Vol.30 NO.21 2014-11-11
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Review and Analysis of Dengue Fever in Penghu County, Taiwan, 2011 Vol.30 NO.20 2014-10-21
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Investigation of Dengue Vector Mosquito Density in Tainan, 2010-2012 Vol.30 NO.18 2014-09-23
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Epidemiology of Scrub Typhus in Eastern Taiwan, 2001- 2012 Vol.30 NO.16 2014-08-26
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Epidemiological Analysis and the Prevention Policies for the 2010-2013 Epidemic of Acute Viral Hepatitis A in Taiwan Vol.30 NO.14 2014-07-22
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Study of Correlation between Norovirus-Infected Cooks and Foodborne Disease Outbreak among X Junior High School Students Vol.30 NO.12 2014-06-24
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A Survey of Specialist Physicians about the” Taiwan Guidelines for TB Diagnosis & Treatment” Issued by the Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare Vol.30 NO.11 2014-06-10
An analysis of Taiwan’s vaccination services in public health centers and contracted medical institutions and applications for vaccine injury compensations Vol.30 NO.11 2014-06-10
Investigation of Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Recipients with Ferret-Badger Exposures in Taiwan, May 2012-October 2013 Vol.30 NO.10 2014-05-27
Risk Assessment of Human Infection with Avian Influenza A (H10N8) Virus in Taiwan Vol.30 NO.9 2014-05-12
Risk Assessment of Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome in Taiwan Vol.30 NO.9 2014-05-12
Epidemiological Factsheet of Acute Q Fever in Taiwan Vol.30 NO.8 2014-04-22
Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Chest Radiograph Screening in Central Taiwan, 2008-2012 Vol.30 NO.8 2014-04-22
Investigation of <I>Ehrlichia chaffeensis</I> Infections in Rodents in Kinmen Area, 2012 Vol.30 NO.7 2014-04-08
Preliminary Cost-Benefit Analysis of Rapid Molecular Test for Diagnosing Tuberculosis Vol.30 NO.6 2014-03-25
Application of Diagnostic Techniques on Tuberculosis Diagnosis Vol.30 NO.6 2014-03-25
Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in Taiwan and Challenges Ahead Vol.30 NO.6 2014-03-25
Progress and Implementation of Surveillance of Directly Observed Treatment, Short-Course (DOTS) for Tuberculosis in Taiwan Vol.30 NO.5 2014-03-11
Plan to Halve TB in 10 Years: Review and Prospect Vol.30 NO.5 2014-03-11
Review of Dengue Fever Epidemic in Tainan City, 2012 Vol.30 NO.4 2014-02-25
Infections and Epidemiology of <i>Cryptococcus</i> Species Vol.30 NO.3 2014-02-11
An Overview of the Health Examination of Foreign Laborers in Taiwan between 2008 and 2012 Vol.30 NO.2 2014-01-21
Development of Travel Medicine in Taiwan, 2007-2012 Vol.30 NO.1 2014-01-07
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Performance Analysis of a Facebook event for HIV/AIDS Prevention – The 2012 “Creature Detector” example Vol.29 NO.24 2013-12-24
HIV Contact Tracing in Other Countries – Implementation and Efficacy of Various Strategies Vol.29 NO.23 2013-12-10
The Analysis of Surveillance and Effectiveness of the “Friendly, Healthy and Safe Business Certification Program” for Gay Saunas Vol.29 NO.23 2013-12-10
History of Rabies Control in Taiwan and China Vol.29 NO.133 2013-11-26
Exploring on Rabies Control and Elimination Strategy Vol.29 NO.133 2013-11-26
Diagnosis, Management, and Prevention of Rabies Vol.29 NO.133 2013-11-26
Human Surveillance in Response to the 2013 Re-emergence of Animal Rabies Re-emergence in Taiwan Vol.29 NO.133 2013-11-26
2013 Taiwan's Strategies in Response to Re-emergence of Animal Rabies Vol.29 NO.133 2013-11-26
The Evaluation of Expanded Epidemic Investigations on Dengue Fever Cases in Taiwan between 2009 and 2011 Vol.29 NO.22 2013-11-19
A Family Outbreak of Cholera in Changhua County Vol.29 NO.22 2013-11-19
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Analysis of Intravenous Peramivir for Treatment of Seasonal Influenza Infections, Taiwan, 2010-2012 Vol.29 NO.21 2013-11-05
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Correlation between Community-based Volunteers' Involvement in Diseases Prevention and Coverage Rate of Influenza Vaccination Vol.29 NO.20 2013-10-22
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The Epidemiology, Clinical Manifestations and Prognosis of Invasive Haemophilus Influenzae Type b Infection in Taiwan, 2000-2012 Vol.29 NO.19 2013-10-08
Surveillance and Analysis of Cat-Scratch Disease, Taiwan, 2012 Vol.29 NO.18 2013-09-24
Overview on Prevention and Control Measures for Human Infection with HPAI H5N2 Virus in Taiwan in 2012 Vol.29 NO.17 2013-09-10
Personal Protective Measures Against Arthropod-borne Infectious Diseases Vol.29 NO.17 2013-09-10
Evaluation of Performance of Space Sprayer for Dengue Vector Control Vol.29 NO.16 2013-08-20
Risk Evaluation of Epidemic Disease –Taking Chikungunya Disease as an Example Vol.29 NO.15 2013-08-06
Prevention and Control of Enterovirus Infection in Taiwan, 2011-2012 Vol.29 NO.14 2013-07-23
Exploring the Factors Affecting the Prevention, Control and Reporting of Enterovirus Infections in Kindergartens Vol.29 NO.13 2013-07-09
Current Development and Use of Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine Vol.29 NO.12 2013-06-18
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Epidemiological and Clinical Analysis of Melioidosis in Taiwan, 2006-2010 Vol.29 NO.9 2013-05-07
Review of Repatriation Measures for Foreign Laborers with Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Central Taiwan Vol.29 NO.8 2013-04-23
Implementation of Authorized Laboratory Testing Institutions for Communicable Diseases in Taiwan, 2011 Vol.29 NO.7 2013-04-09
Initial Impact Assessment of the New Taitung Office of Sixth Branch, Centers for Disease Control Vol.29 NO.7 2013-04-09
Retrospection and Prospection for Manufacturing of Snake Antivenins in Taiwan Vol.29 NO.6 2013-03-19
Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection in Taiwan: the Present and Future Vol.29 NO.5 2013-03-05
Outbreak of Human Metapneumovirus Infection in a Psychiatric Hospital – Taipei, 2012 Vol.29 NO.4 2013-02-19
The Prevalence of Japanese Encephalitis in Taiwan and Adjacent Countries Vol.29 NO.3 2013-02-05
Incident of Salmonella Poisoning by Roast Duck in Kaohsiung in 2011 Vol.29 NO.2 2013-01-22
Comparison Analysis of Taiwan/Japan Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Vol.29 NO.1 2013-01-08
Surveillance of Use of HIV Combined Ag/Ab Assay in Taiwan Vol.28 NO.24 2012-12-18
Effectiveness Analysis on Pilot Program for HIV Screening Test and Consultation Service for Patients Visiting the Emergency Rooms in Taiwan Vol.28 NO.23 2012-12-04
Surveillance of Gonococci-National Isolate Collection for Epidemiology (G-NICE), 2010 Vol.28 NO.23 2012-12-04
Prevalence of Ectoparasites and the Seroepidemiology of Murine Typhus in Murine-like Animals at International Ports in Taiwan, 2004-2011 Vol.28 NO.22 2012-11-20
A Norovirus and Rotavirus Mixed Outbreak in a High School in Pingtung County, 2011 Vol.28 NO.21 2012-11-06
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Application of Pay for Performance in Tuberculosis Care–The Taiwan Experience Vol.28 NO.19 2012-10-09
Quality Management of Mycobacteriology Laboratory in Taiwan:Current Status and Future Perspectives Vol.28 NO.18 2012-09-18
Evolution of MDR-TB Control Strategy in Taiwan Vol.28 NO.18 2012-09-18
A Case Report of Media Communication of Campus Tuberculosis Clustering, 2011 Vol.28 NO.17 2012-09-04
The Analysis of Tuberculosis Outbreaks in Taiwan, 2007 - 2011 Vol.28 NO.17 2012-09-04
Efficacy of Insecticide with Ethylene Glycol to Aedes aegypti Vol.28 NO.16 2012-08-21
New Vector Control Measures on Dengue Fever: a Literature Review Vol.28 NO.15 2012-08-07
Enforcement of Mosquito Control and Dengue Fever Prevention Vol.28 NO.12 2012-07-24
Do We Really Need to Detect Legionella pneumophila: An Issue Worth to Be Debated(After a speech of American Pittsburgh University Dr. Victor L. Yu) Vol.28 NO.13 2012-07-10
Operation Status and Experience of Running Central Epidemic Command Center for Dengue Fever in 2010 Vol.28 NO.13 2012-07-10
The Current Business Sanitation Self-Regulation on Legionnaires' Disease Vol.28 NO.12 2012-06-19
The Control Strategies of Legionnaires’ Disease in Public Places Vol.28 NO.12 2012-06-19
An epidemiological analysis of Legionnaires' disease Vol.28 NO.11 2012-06-05
Diagnosis of Legionnaires’ Disease and Detection of Legionella from Environment Vol.28 NO.11 2012-06-05
Seroepidemiological investigation on hantavirus prevalence in rodent population at international ports in Taiwan, 2007-2009 Vol.28 NO.10 2012-05-22
Investigation on Clusters of Infection with Carbapenem-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae in Hospitals in 2011 Vol.28 NO.9 2012-05-08
Analysis of “The Pilot Study of Promoting MSM to Use Condoms in Special Settings in 2011” Vol.28 NO.8 2012-04-24
Review of Acute Infectious Diseases in Taiwan 2010 Vol.28 NO.7 2012-04-10
Current Detection Methodology for Enterovirus 71 Vol.28 NO.6 2012-03-20
An Analysis of Topics of APEC Health Projects and Participation of APEC Member Economiesin the Projects duringthe Vol.28 NO.6 2012-03-20
Non-anonymous HIV screening in Taoyuan: HIV-positive rate, reason for screening, and risky sexual behavior Vol.28 NO.5 2012-03-06
Analysis of pdm-H1N1 Severe Complicated Influenza Cases in Eastern Region of Taiwan, 2008-2011 Vol.28 NO.4 2012-02-21
Experience in Emergency Response to Epidemic of Infectious Disease Related to Climate Change and Natural Disaster-Typhoon Disaster as an Example Vol.28 NO.4 2012-02-21
National Review of Influencing Factors on Caregivers Considerate in the Decision of Inoculating Children Under 3 Years of Age Vol.28 NO.3 2012-02-07
Scrub Typhus in Taiwan from 2001 to 2010 Vol.28 NO.3 2012-02-07
The Active Surveillance of BCG-related Adverse Events Vol.28 NO.2 2012-01-24
Seed History and In-process Control for Freeze-dried BCG Vaccine Produced in Taiwan Vol.28 NO.1 2012-01-10
Cluster Infection of Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Virus in the Psychiatric Wards of a Hospital in Hualian County of Taiwan, 2011 Vol.27 NO.24 2011-12-20
Development of rapid tools for detection of Clostridium Botulinum neurotoxoin Vol.27 NO.24 2011-12-20
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Analysis on Imported Malaria Cases in Central Taiwan during, 2006-2010 Vol.27 NO.23 2011-12-06
Streptococcus Pneumoniae Infection in Taiwan, 2008 - 2010 Vol.27 NO.22 2011-11-22
Analysis on District Medical Resources and Preparedness Gap on the Health Outcomes of the 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic in Taiwan Vol.27 NO.22 2011-11-22
Epidemics of Toxoplasmosis in Taiwan Vol.27 NO.21 2011-11-08
A Norovirus-associated Gastroenteritis Outbreak in a school in Yilan County, 2010 Vol.27 NO.20 2011-10-18
Survey of Dengue Fever Vector Density before and after Insecticide Spraying Vol.27 NO.19 2011-10-04
Preliminary Review of Risks for Community Dengue Fever Outbreaks - Using Kaohsiung City as an Example Vol.27 NO.18 2011-09-20
Initial Investigation of Indigenous Dengue Fever Situation and Efficacy of Prevention Measures in Kaohsiung and Pingtung Areas in Taiwan, 2009 Vol.27 NO.18 2011-09-20
Operation Mechanism of the Command Center of the Central Dengue Fever Command Center in Taiwan, 2010 Vol.27 NO.17 2011-09-06
Preparation and Application of Prospective Risk Map of Dengue Fever Vol.27 NO.17 2011-09-06
Surveillance, Investigation and Analysis of Human Leptospirosis Infections in Taiwan, 2009-2010 Vol.27 NO.16 2011-08-23
Investigation of Japanese Encephalitis Confirmed Cases in South Taiwan, 2010 Vol.27 NO.15 2011-08-09
The overview of development in Smallpox Vaccine Vol.27 NO.14 2011-07-19
Evaluation on molecular characterization of BCG Strains for vaccine quality control Vol.27 NO.13 2011-07-05
Review and Response of Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli infection Vol.27 NO.12 2011-06-21
Management and review of the first probable variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in Taiwan Vol.27 NO.11 2011-06-07
An analysis of the Implementation of the Source Reduction Program in Response to 2010 Dengue Epidemic Vol.27 NO.10 2011-05-17
The 2010 Executive Report for Dengue Fever Prevention and Control in Southern Taiwan and Health Education Strategies Vol.27 NO.10 2011-05-17
A Report of the Contingency Procedures and Effectiveness of the “1922 Disease Reporting and Consultation Service Center” During the H1N1 Influenza Pandemic Vol.27 NO.9 2011-05-03
Salmonella Food Poisoning Outbreak at a School in Kaohsiung County in 2010 Vol.27 NO.9 2011-05-03
A Diarrhea Outbreak Caused by Norovirus in a Hospital’s Psychiatric Wards, 2010 Vol.27 NO.8 2011-04-19
Sexual Behavior, Condom Use, and Associated Factors Among Grades 10-12 Students in Night Schools, Taoyuan, Taiwan Vol.27 NO.8 2011-04-19
The Effectiveness of Empowerment Training to DOTS Observer in Kaohsiung City Vol.27 NO.7 2011-04-05
A Varicella Outbreak in a Primary School, Taiwan, 2010 Vol.27 NO.7 2011-04-05
Enterovirus Knowledge and Handwashing Practices among Nurses in a Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan Vol.27 NO.6 2011-03-22
AIDS Knowledge Among Arrested Sex Workers and Sex Consumers in Taoyuan, Northern Taiwan Vol.27 NO.6 2011-03-22
The Epidemic and Interventions in Imported Typhoid among Indonesian Labors in 2009 Vol.27 NO.5 2011-03-08
An Influenza Outbreak in a College in Taoyuan County, 2010 Vol.27 NO.5 2011-03-08
Distribution of Pathogenic Vibrio spp. in Ocean Areas near Harbors in Taiwan, 2009 Vol.27 NO.4 2011-02-22
Gastroenteritis Outbreaks Associated with Sapovirus in a Restaurant-Taichung County, 2010 Vol.27 NO.4 2011-02-22
Efficacy of Commonly Used Insecticides to Aedes aegypti in Southern Taiwan Vol.27 NO.3 2011-02-08
Study on the Notification of Imported Cases of Notifiable Diseases by Using the Data in the National Health Insurance Information System during 2007-2008 Vol.27 NO.2 2011-01-25
Manpower Integration Program Review for Community Epidemic Prevention Vol.27 NO.2 2011-01-05
Public Perceptions, Behaviors Change and Face Masks Purchase during Early Phase of H1N1 Pandemic Vol.27 NO.1 2011-01-11
Quarantine Response to Novel Influenza A (H1N1) at Kaohsiung International Airport Vol.27 NO.1 2011-01-11
Laboratory Biosafety Certification of BSL-2 Negative Pressure Laboratories of M. tuberculosis in Taiwan, 2009 Vol.26 NO.26 2010-12-28
Reflection on the New Delhi Metallo-β-lactamase 1 (NDM-1) Enterobacteriaceae Infection Vol.26 NO.26 2010-12-28
An Overview in the Primary Stage of Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Epidemic in Eastern Taiwan and Its Revelation Vol.26 NO.25 2010-12-14
Risk of Transmission and Prevention Strategy Evaluation of Chikungunya Fever in Taiwan Vol.26 NO.25 2010-12-14
Study on the Quality of Dengue Fever Surveillance in Taiwan Area Vol.26 NO.24 2010-11-30
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Response Measures of the Communicable Disease Control Medical Network to H1N1 Novel Influenza Vol.26 NO.23 2010-10-16
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Development and Evaluation of a New Questionnaire on AIDS-Related Knowledge Vol.26 NO.22 2010-11-02
A Survey of HIV Proficiency Testing Program in Taiwan Vol.26 NO.22 2010-11-02
Analysis and Evaluation of the National Notifiable Diseases in Taiwan, 2008 Vol.26 NO.21 2010-10-19
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A Cluster of Diarrhea in a Tourist Group to Bali, Indonesia, 2010 Vol.26 NO.20 2010-10-05
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Review of Human Emerging Coronaviruses and Animal Coronaviruses Vol.26 NO.19 2010-09-21
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Hospital Outbreak of Mixed Infection of Influenza Virus andMycoplasma pneumoniae Vol.26 NO.18 2010-09-07
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Risks of West Nile Virus Infection in Taiwan Vol.26 NO.17 2010-08-24
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Analysis of Strategies of the Use of Antiviral Medication in Patients with H1N1 2009 Influenza in Taiwan Vol.26 NO.15 2010-07-27
Program Errors in Taiwan’s Mass Immunizations againstPandemic A/H1N1 Vol.26 NO.15 2010-07-27
Policy Review after the First Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Case in Kaohsiung-Pingtung Area Vol.26 NO.14 2010-07-13
Multiple Disease Surveillance Systems against Pandemic (H1N1) Influenza in Taiwan Vol.26 NO.14 2010-07-13
Investigation of the First Two Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Cases in Middle Taiwan Vol.26 NO.13 2010-06-29
Human Immunodeficiency Virus Screening in Taiwan, 2004-2008 Vol.26 NO.13 2010-06-29
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Foodborne Botulism in Taiwan, January - May 2010 Vol.26 NO.12 2010-06-15
Surveys on Japanese Encephalitis Vectors in Taiwan Area during 2004-2008 Vol.26 NO.11 2010-06-01
Botulism in Taiwan, 2007-2009 Vol.26 NO.11 2010-06-01
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Review of Significant Epidemics Occurred in Taiwan and International Community in 2009 Vol.26 NO.10 2010-05-18
Ehrlichia chaffeensis Infection in Rodent Ticks-Kinmen, 2009 Vol.26 NO.9 2010-05-04
Review of Epidemiologic Investigations on Infection Sources of Indigenous Cholera Cases in Taiwan Vol.26 NO.9 2010-05-04
Dengue Vector Breeding Sites Inspection and Ovitrap Monitoring in and around the Gymnasiums and Stadiums of World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan Vol.26 NO.8 2010-04-25
Evaluation on Preparedness Plan for Influenza Pandemic in Taiwan Local Governments in 2008 Vol.26 NO.8 2010-04-20
Evaluating the Choice of Prophylactic Antibiotics for Stockpiling against Pertussis Vol.26 NO.7 2010-04-06
Pertussis Outbreak in a Junior High School-Yunlin County, 2009 Vol.26 NO.7 2010-04-06
Cognitive Differences in Infectious Disease Prevention and Status of Immunization of Vietnamese Spouses in Taiwan Vol.26 NO.6 2010-03-23
Review of Sentinel Surveillance System in Taiwan Vol.26 NO.6 2010-03-23
Effectiveness Evaluation of 1922 Communicable Disease Reporting and Consultation Hotline Vol.26 NO.5 2010-03-09
The Evaluation of the San-Ma-Yi-Fong:Progress with the Programs to Eradicate Measles, Rubella, Congenital Rubella Syndrome,and to Eliminate Neonatal Tetanus Vol.26 NO.5 2010-03-09
Importation Related Nosocomial Measles Cluster in Taipei Area, 2009 Vol.26 NO.4 2010-02-23
Cluster of Angiostrongylus cantonensis Infection in Tainan County, 2009 Vol.26 NO.4 2010-02-23
Tuberculosis Cluster among Health Care Workers in a Hospital, Taiwan, 2005 Vol.26 NO.3 2010-02-09
Indicators Used to Measure the Impact of TB Control by World Health Organization Vol.26 NO.3 2010-02-09
Reinfection of Invasive Streptococcus pneumoniae - Analysis of Notifiable Diseases Database in Taiwan Vol.26 NO.2 2010-01-26
Investigation of Tuberculosis Cluster in a Keelung City Hospital Vol.26 NO.2 2010-01-26
Measles in Taiwan, 1990-2008 Vol.26 NO.1 2010-01-12
Measles Cluster in Tainan Area, Early 2009 Vol.26 NO.1 2010-01-12
Factors Affecting Primary Caregivers’ Attitude toward Administration of Influenza Vaccine to Young Children in the Pingtung Area Vol.25 NO.12 2009-12-25
The Reasons for Blood Donation of HIV-infected Patients Detected from Blood Center, January - June 2009 Vol.25 NO.12 2009-12-25
Investigation of the First Two Cases of Oseltamivir- Resistant Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Virus in Taiwan Vol.25 NO.12 2009-12-25
An Outbreak of Shigellosis in a Psychiatric Hospital in Taichung City Vol.25 NO.12 2009-12-25
Investigation of an Outbreak of Amoebiasis in a Rehabilitation Institution for Mental Patients in Taichung City Vol.25 NO.11 2009-11-25
A Shigellosis Outbreak Caused by S. flexneri X Variant at a Psychiatric Hospital in Miaoli County Vol.25 NO.11 2009-11-25
Cost Analysis of the Use of Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Test during H1N1 2009 Influenza Pandemic Vol.25 NO.11 2009-11-25
Research on the Hidden Space of Mother-child Vertical Transmission of HIV -the Pregnant Women with High Risk outside the Medical Network Vol.25 NO.11 2009-11-25
Real-time Surveillance of Pneumonia and Influenza Mortalities via the National Death Certificate System Vol.25 NO.10 2009-10-25
Cluster of Melioidosis after Typhoon Morakot in Tainan City Vol.25 NO.10 2009-10-25
International Disease Surveillance Mechanism for 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) in Taiwan Vol.25 NO.10 2009-10-25
The First 100 Hospitalized Severe Complicated Influenza Cases Caused by 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) in Taiwan Vol.25 NO.10 2009-10-25
Abstract of Outbreak Investigation Express--Investigation of Melioidosis Outbreak after Typhoon Morakot in Zuoying and Nanzih Districts, Kaohsiung City Vol.25 NO.9 2009-09-25
Case Report: The Laboratory Examination and Viral Sequencing Analysis of the First Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Patient with Sever Complication in Taiwan Vol.25 NO.9 2009-09-25
Lessons Learned from Taoyuan International Airport’s Response to Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Vol.25 NO.9 2009-09-25
Initial Evaluation on Screening of Novel Influenza A (H1N1) at International Ports in Taiwan Vol.25 NO.9 2009-09-25
A Review of Response Measures Against the First Wave of Pandemic Influenza Outbreaks in Taiwan and Other Countries Vol.25 NO.8 2009-08-25
The Response to Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Epidemic in Taiwan and Analysis of the Initial 61 Confirmed Cases Vol.25 NO.8 2009-08-25
Investigation of H1N1 Influenza Outbreak in a Church in Kaohsiung City Vol.25 NO.8 2009-08-25
H1N1 Influenza Outbreak of Foreign Students in a Chinese Summer Camp Vol.25 NO.8 2009-08-25
Analysis of the HA Gene of the Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Virus in Taiwan and Epidemic Strains in Other Countries Vol.25 NO.8 2008-08-25
Analysis on Dengue Vector Density Survey in Kaohsiung and Pingtung Areas of Southern Taiwan, 2004-2008 Vol.25 NO.7 2009-09-25
Epidemiological Analysis of Antivenin Usage in Taiwan Area, 2002-2005 Vol.25 NO.7 2009-07-25
An Investigation of Family Clustering Botulism in Hsinchu City Vol.25 NO.7 2009-07-25
General Profiles of Health Examinations of Foreign Laborers from 2001 to 2007 Vol.25 NO.7 2009-07-25
Dengue Fever Epidemic in Tainan, 2007 Vol.25 NO.6 2009-06-25
The Epidemiology of Imported Dengue Fever Cases in Taiwan, 2007 and the Performance of Thermo-screening at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Vol.25 NO.6 2009-06-25
Benefit Evaluation of Dengue Adult Mosquito Chemical Control and Its Application Vol.25 NO.6 2009-06-25
An Analysis of the Results from Rapid Dengue Blood Screening Pilot Trial for Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Arrivals Vol.25 NO.6 2009-06-25
Histamine-Induced Allergic Outbreak in among Junior/ Senior High School Students - A Case-Control Study Vol.25 NO.5 2009-05-25
The Antigenic and Phylogenetic Analysis of Surface Protein Genes of Influenza A Viruses in Taiwan, 2004-2007 Vol.25 NO.5 2009-05-25
Staphylococal Food Poisoning in a Restaurant in Taichung City, Taiwan Vol.25 NO.5 2009-05-25
Autopsy Report: A Case of Vibrio vulnificus Infection Vol.25 NO.5 2009-05-25
Emergency Response and Policy Consideration on Measles Epidemics Vol.25 NO.4 2009-04-25
Evaluation of the Possible Impacts of Open Policy Allowing Direct Cross-Strait Traffic on the Epidemic of Acute Infectious Disease by Examining Data from Hong Kong Experience Vol.25 NO.4 2009-04-25
The Investigation of a Measles Outbreak,Kaohsiung, 2008 Vol.25 NO.4 2009-04-25
Imported Measles Case Induced Hospital Outbreak in Taichung A Hospital, 2009 Vol.25 NO.4 2009-04-25
A Case Report of Simian Malaria, Plasmodium knowlesi, in a Taiwanese Traveler from Palawan Island, the Philippines Vol.25 NO.3 2009-03-25
Epidemiology of Nosocomial Clostridium difficile Disease in Taiwan Vol.25 NO.3 2009-03-25
Case Report: An Imported Case of CRS Vol.25 NO.3 2009-03-25
Brief Analysis of News Reports on HIV/AIDS in Taiwan, 2008 Vol.25 NO.3 2009-03-25
The Investigation of a TB Cluster in a School, 2007 Vol.25 NO.2 2009-02-25
The Investigation of Tuberculosis Cluster in a Family in Nantou County Vol.25 NO.2 2009-02-25
Introduction of Medical Care System for Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis in Taiwan Vol.25 NO.2 2009-02-25
The Indicators of Treatment Outcomes for Tuberculosis Recommended by World Health Organization Vol.25 NO.2 2009-02-25
Current Prevalence Situation of Head Louse Infestation among Elementary School Kids in Taipei City Vol.25 NO.1 2009-01-25
An Investigation of a Cluster Infection of Head Lice at an Elementary School in Taipei City Vol.25 NO.1 2009-01-25
Investigation of Shigellosis Outbreak in A Daycare Center in Sijhih City, Taipei County Vol.25 NO.1 2009-01-25
The Surveillance and Epidemiological Analysis of Streptococcus Pneumoniae Infection, Category Four Communicable Disease, in Taiwan. Vol.25 NO.1 2009-01-25
Two Outbreaks of Rubella in International Students:Policy Implications Vol.24 NO.12 2008-12-25
The comparison of Influenza Pandemic Strategies, 2007-2008 Vol.24 NO.12 2008-12-25
Epidemiological Analysis of Seasonal Influenza Epidemic in Taiwan in 2006/2007 Vol.24 NO.12 2008-12-25
Comprehensive Report of Prevention Strategy for Influenza Pandemic Vol.24 NO.12 2008-12-25
Comparison of Bacterial Isolates from a Suspected Food Poisoning Outbreak at a Post-partum Care Center Vol.24 NO.11 2008-11-25
Compendium Report - Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV/AIDS Vol.24 NO.11 2008-11-25
An Investigation Report of HIV Infection through Blood Transfusion in 2007 Vol.24 NO.11 2008-11-25
Risk Factors of Delayed HIV Diagnosis in Taiwanese Men Who Have Sex with Men Vol.24 NO.11 2009-11-25
Outbreak of Amoebiasis in a Psychiatric Hospital - KaoHsiung County Vol.24 NO.10 2008-10-25
A Waterborne Shigellosis Outbreak in a Primary School, Tai-Chung City, November 2007 Vol.24 NO.10 2008-10-25
Investigation of Norovirus Outbreak in Elderly Care Center A in Taipei City Vol.24 NO.10 2008-10-25
Investigation of Norovirus-Induced Gastroenteritis Outbreak among Students in A High School Vol.24 NO.10 2008-10-25
Comparison of the Identification Methods of Diarrheagenic E. coli in Taiwan by O Serotyping and Single-tube Vol.24 NO.9 2008-09-25
Detection of Influenza Virus Infections Vol.24 NO.9 2008-09-25
The Incidence of Tuberculosis in Senior Vol.24 NO.9 2008-09-25
Investigation and analysis of a cluster event of enterovirus infection in a kindergarten in Hsin-Chu County Hu-Kou Village Vol.24 NO.9 2008-09-25
The Influence of Insecticide Formulation and Droplet Size on the Efficiency of Dengue Vector Control Vol.24 NO.8 2008-08-25
Analysis of Dengue Fever Cases Recorded Vol.24 NO.8 2008-08-25
Actions Taken to Prevent Dengue Fever during Vol.24 NO.8 2008-08-25
Rules of Passenger Quarantine in International Vol.24 NO.8 2008-08-25
A Survey of Sandflies in Fushin Township, Taoyuan County, Taiwan and a PCR Diagnostic Method of Sandfly Infection Vol.24 NO.7 2008-07-25
Audit Report for Laboratories of Biosafety Level 3 and Higher in Taiwan, 2007 Vol.24 NO.7 2008-07-25
Outbreak of Foreign Workers Contracted with Rubella in the Miaoli and Taoyuan District, 2007 Vol.24 NO.7 2008-07-25
Trend of Fever screen and Evaluation of Quarantine Effectiveness among International Passengers Vol.24 NO.7 2008-07-25
Meningococcal Disease in Taiwan 1996-2001: Epidemiology and Risk Factors for Death Vol.24 NO.6 2008-06-25
The Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Caregivers of Children Under 5 Years of Age towards Enterovirus in Taiwan Vol.24 NO.6 2008-06-25
Epidemiologic Research on Severe Cases of Enterovirus 71 Infection in 2008 Vol.24 NO.6 2008-06-25
Enterovirus 71 Infection and Prevention Vol.24 NO.6 2008-06-25
Perinatal Infection of Group B Streptococcus in Taiwan Vol.24 NO.5 2008-05-25
An Investigation of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infection of Infants in a Hospital in Nantou County, Taiwan Vol.24 NO.5 2008-05-25
Adverse Events Induced by BCG Immunization in Taiwan Vol.24 NO.5 2008-05-25
Mixed Vaccines Against Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus Vol.24 NO.5 2008-05-25
Sandfly Distribution and Risks of Leishmaniasis Transmission in Kinmen Vol.24 NO.4 2008-04-25
”Pink Eyes”: Confirmation of Pathogens and Investigation and Analysis of Molecular Epidemiology Vol.24 NO.4 2008-04-25
Acute Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis-A Brief Review Vol.24 NO.4 2008-04-25
Taiwan SARS Experience and the Challenge for Future Outbreak of H5N1 Influenza Vol.24 NO.4 2008-04-25
The Deviation from Standardized Treatment Regimen in 108 Randomly Selected Smear-positive Tuberculosis Patients Vol.24 NO.3 2008-03-25
Preliminary Evaluation of Taiwan’s Tuberculosis DOTS Strategy Vol.24 NO.3 2008-03-25
A 14-year-old girl died of tuberculosis – what should we do to educate contacts of contagious tuberculosis cases? Vol.24 NO.3 2008-03-25
The Status of Anti-Tuberculosis Efforts in Taiwan Vol.24 NO.3 2008-03-25
First-Year Results of the Needle-Syringe Program in Taoyuan Vol.24 NO.2 2008-02-25
Current Situation and Future Direction of Polio Prevention and Control in Taiwan Vol.24 NO.2 2008-02-25
The investigation of suspected Legionellosis cases in family aggregation Vol.24 NO.2 2008-02-25
Investigation of Consecutive Families’ Food Poisoning at A Restaurant Vol.24 NO.2 2008-02-25
Epidemiology Investigation of Rodents as Vectors for the Hantavirus in Taiwan’s Harbor Areas Vol.24 NO.1 2008-01-25
Analysis of the effect of fever screening at Taoyuan International Airport Vol.24 NO.1 2008-01-25
Assessment of Dengue Fever Emergency Control Task Carried Out in Kaohsiung City in 2006 Vol.24 NO.1 2008-01-25
Outbreak Response to Locally-acquired Dengue Fever in the Kaohsiung City-Kaohsiung County-Pingtung County (K-K-P) Region in 2006 Vol.24 NO.1 2008-01-25
Taiwan Elderly People’s Willingness to Receive Government Promoted and Funded Flu Shots – Results Vol.23 NO.12 2007-12-25
Investigation of a Suspected Cluster of Tuberculosis in a Respiratory Ward in a Veteran Hospital in I-Lan County Vol.23 NO.12 2007-12-25
A Preliminary Probe into the Risk of Vol.23 NO.12 2007-12-25
Melioidosis in Taiwan Vol.23 NO.12 2007-12-25
First Sapovirus Outbreak in Taiwan Vol.23 NO.11 2007-11-25
Investigation of Suspected Cases of Legionnaires’ Disease in Taiwan Vol.23 NO.11 2007-11-25
Control of Legionella Pneumophila in water Vol.23 NO.11 2007-11-25
Current Status of Nation-wide Control on Intestinal Parasitic Diseases Especially on Enterobiasis Vol.23 NO.11 2007-11-25
Amendment to the Categories of Notifiable Communicable Diseases Vol.23 NO.11 2007-11-25
Risk Factors for Acquiring Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection among Injection Drug Users Vol.23 NO.10 2007-10-25
Epidemiological Analysis of Residents with HIV/AIDS in Eastern Taiwan Vol.23 NO.10 2007-10-25
An Outbreak of Hepatitis A in the Taipei Metropolitan Area Vol.23 NO.10 2007-10-25
Assessment of Procedures for Arriving Passengers with Fever or Respiratory Tract Symptoms at International Airports Vol.23 NO.10 2007-10-25
Tuberculin Skin Testing in a Elementary School in Taiwan Vol.23 NO.9 2007-09-25
Influenza Activity in Taiwan: 2005/2006 Season Vol.23 NO.9 2007-09-25
A Clustering of Norovirus Enterogastritis Cases at a Certain Hospital in Yuanshan Township of Yilan County: Inspection Findings and Control Strategies Vol.23 NO.9 2007-09-25
A Serotype Analysis of Individual Cases of Severe Enterovirus in Taiwan Region, 1998~2006 Vol.23 NO.9 2007-09-25
Investigation of an Outbreak of Diarrhea and Vomiting among Residents and Staff at One Care Center for the Severely Handicapped in Taipei City Vol.23 NO.8 2007-08-25
Epidemiological Analysis of Meningococcal Meningitis in Taiwan between 2002 and 2006 Vol.23 NO.8 2007-08-25
The Epidemiology Characteristics of Extra-pulmonary Tuberculosis in Taiwan, 1996-2003 Vol.23 NO.8 2007-08-25
Molecular Epidemiological Investigation of Childhood Rotavirus Infection in Taiwan between 2004 and 2006 Vol.23 NO.8 2007-08-25
A Representativeness Assessment of Taiwan’s Sentinel Physician Surveillance System Vol.23 NO.7 2007-07-25
Epidemiological investigation of a cluster diarrhea event among guests in a wedding party caused by Vibrio parahaemolyticus Vol.23 NO.7 2007-07-25
Analysis of surveillance data of diarrhea cluster events between 2005 and 2006 in Taiwan Vol.23 NO.7 2007-07-25
Laboratory diagnosis and analysis of a Legionella infection event in a public swimming pool in Nantou County Vol.23 NO.7 2007-07-25
Investigation into a Cluster Infection of Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome from a Navy Ship Vol.23 NO.6 2007-06-25
Risk Assessment And Control Measures of Measles Epidemics in Taiwan Vol.23 NO.6 2007-06-25
Sequencing Analysis of the Viruses Responsible for Two Recent Clustering Outbreaks of Type B Influenza in Ilan Area Vol.23 NO.6 2007-06-25
Trend of Vaccine R&D in an Effort to Fight against Influenza Pandemic Vol.23 NO.6 2007-06-25
The First Imported Case of Chikungunya Fever in Taiwan Vol.23 NO.5 2007-05-25
An Outbreak Investigation of Unknown Cause Respiratory or GI Symptoms at a Secondary School Located in Hualien City Vol.23 NO.5 2007-05-25
Epidemiology and Surveillance System of Human Influenza Viruses Vol.23 NO.5 2007-05-25
How to Effectively Carry out Domestic Management of Laboratory Bio-safety Vol.23 NO.5 2007-05-25
A report on measles and rubella surveillance in Taiwan, 2005 Vol.23 NO.4 2007-04-25
Investigation for an Outbreak of Norovirus Dysentery and Emesis among Teachers and Students at a Juvenile Development Center in Taipei City Vol.23 NO.4 2007-04-25
Tuberculin Skin Test Vol.23 NO.4 2007-04-25
A Brief Introduction to PulseNet Taiwan Vol.23 NO.4 2007-04-25
An Investigation on Prevalence and Awareness of Elementary School Students Infested with Head Lice in Hualien County Vol.23 NO.3 2007-03-25
Nosocomial Control of Tuberculosis Vol.23 NO.3 2007-03-25
Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis Vol.23 NO.3 2007-03-25
Isolation of a New Orientia Tsutsugamushi Strain in South Taiwan Vol.23 NO.3 2007-03-25
Evaluation of a Directly Observed Therapy Short-Course Project for Treating Tuberculosis on Offshore Island Kinmen County Vol.23 NO.2 2007-02-25
Epidemiological Investigation of a Bacillary Dysentery outbreak among Residents of an Aboriginal Village Vol.23 NO.2 2007-02-25
An Imported Case of Repeated Infections of Plasmodium vivax Malaria Vol.23 NO.2 2007-02-25
Investigation report of a bacillary dysentery infection event from a university laboratory in central Taiwan in 2006 Vol.23 NO.1 2007-01-25
Strategies for Preparedness of Responding to Possible Pandemic of Novel Influenza in Taipei Metropolitan Area Vol.23 NO.1 2007-01-25
Preliminary results of manufacturing antibodies using ferrets immunized with a local influenza virus isolate Vol.23 NO.1 2007-01-25
A Cluster Diarrhea Outbreak Caused by Norovirus Infection at the Psychiatric Ward of a Certain Hospital in Taichung County Vol.22 NO.12 2006-12-25
Investigation of a Collective Diarrhea Outbreak among Cadets of a Certain Training Unit Located in Neipu Township, Pingtung County Vol.22 NO.11 2006-11-25
Investigation of the infection source of a bacillary dysentery cluster among patients in a psychiatric institution in Hualien County Vol.22 NO.10 2006-10-25
Investigation of a Botulism Incident Involving a Group of Indigenous People Living in Renai Township, Nantou County Vol.22 NO.9 2006-09-25
An Investigation into Five Notified Cases of Q Fever in Changhua Region Vol.22 NO.8 2006-08-25
Investigation of a Recent Incident Involving Residents Collectively Having Fever and Diarrhea at a Handicapped Institution in Changhua County Vol.22 NO.8 2006-08-25
Confirmation of Homologous Strains as the Cause of Bacillary Dysentery Outbreaks in Nanjhuang Township of Miaoli County and Heping Township of Taichung County by Molecular Epidemiology Vol.22 NO.7 2006-07-25
Epidemiological Investigation of a Diarrhea Outbreak in a High School in Taipei County Vol.22 NO.6 2006-06-23
Epidemiological links among cases with the same genotypes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in aboriginal villages of Hualian County Vol.22 NO.5 2006-05-25
A Suspected TB Cluster at a Certain Development Center in Taipei City Vol.22 NO.5 2006-05-25
Introspection, Counterplot, and Future Strategic Planning after Epidemics of Infectious Diseases - For the Celebration of the 21st Anniversary of the Epidemiology Bulletin Vol.22 NO.5 2006-05-25
Investigation and Treatment of a Malaria Outbreak Involving Several Young Foreign Tourists in Taiwan Vol.22 NO.4 2006-04-25
Norovirus-induced outbreak of diarrhea in the psychiatric ward of a hospital Vol.22 NO.4 2006-04-25
A Contract Driver of a Certain Hospital Gets Infected with TB and Spreads the Disease to His Family Vol.22 NO.4 2006-04-25
Case Study of a Returning Tourist Group with Members Collectively Having Fever Upon Arrival at Chiang Kai-shek International Airport Vol.22 NO.3 2006-03-25
Prevalence of Nasopharyngeal Meningococcal Carriers among Newly Enlisted Military Recruits in Taiwan Vol.22 NO.3 2006-03-25
Investigation of a Pertussis Outbreak in a Daycare Center in Central Taiwan using Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis Vol.22 NO.2 2006-02-25
Predicting an H5N1 Influenza Pandemic Vol.22 NO.1 2006-01-25
Retrospective Thoughts on the Twenty-first Anniversary of the Inception of the Epidemiology Bulletin Vol.22 NO.1 2006-01-25
Establishing the Use of Real-time PCR for Staphylococcal Enterotoxin Vol.21 NO.12 2005-12-25
An Epidemiological Link Study of High School Pulmonary Tuberculosis Cases in Hualien County Vol.21 NO.11 2005-11-25
Molecular Epidemiological Study of Outbreaks of Shigella sonnei infection between 1995 – 2003 in Taiwan Vol.21 NO.10 2005-10-25
An Achievement Report on the Years 2001-4 Bacillary Dysentery Prevention & Control Program for Mountainous Rural Areas of Taiwan Vol.21 NO.9 2005-09-25
Prevention of Dengue Fever in Taiwan – A Year 2004 Report Vol.21 NO.8 2005-08-25
Retrospect and Prospect on the Health Examination System of Alien Laborers Vol.21 NO.7 2005-07-25
A Retrospective Review on the 2003 Multinational Outbreaks of SARS and the Preventive Measures of Its Nosocomial Infections Vol.21 NO.6 2005-06-25
An Epidemiological Analysis of Enterovirus 71: Taiwan, 1998-2004 Vol.21 NO.5 2005-05-25
Subtype Identification and Drug-Resistant Point Mutation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type I in Taiwan Vol.21 NO.4 2005-04-25
History and Present State of the Infectious Disease Surveillance and Reporting System for Schools in Taiwan Vol.21 NO.3 2005-03-25
Epidemiological description and analysis of Enterovirus-related Admissions in One Taipei Municipal Hospital Vol.21 NO.2 2005-02-25
Epidemiological Study of Amebiasis and Strain Analysis of Pathogenic Amoeba in an Education and Nursing Institute for the Mentally-Handicapped in Taiwan Vol.21 NO.1 2005-01-25
Molecular Biology Confirmation and Analysis of Suspected Transfusion-Associated HIV Cases Vol.20 NO.12 2004-12-25
Genetic Evolution of Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus (VDPV) in an Immunodeficient Patient Vol.20 NO.11 2004-11-25
Impact of Relevant WTO Agreements on Public Health and Accessibility to Medicines Vol.20 NO.10 2004-10-25
Epidemiological Study of the Medically Attended Cases of Pneumonia and Influenza in Taiwan in 2002 Vol.20 NO.9 2004-09-25
Norovirus Infection in A Taipei Regional Hospital and Its Laboratory Analysis Vol.20 NO.8 2004-08-25
Report on a Suspected Case of Meningococcal Meningitis Vol.20 NO.7 2004-07-25
Investigation of a Bacillary Dysentery Outbreak at One Nursing Home in Hukou Township, Hsinchu County Vol.20 NO.6 2004-06-25
Analysis and Testing for AIDS in 92 Homosexuals at a Private Party Vol.20 NO.5 2004-05-25
A Molecular Fingerprint Analysis of Shigella flexneri 1b in Bacillary Dysentery Outbreaks in a Nursing Home in Lungchi Township, Tainan County Introduction Vol.20 NO.4 2004-04-25
Identification and Analysis of the Pathogenic Agents in a Group of Newborn Suspected being Infected by Enterovirus Vol.20 NO.3 2004-03-25
Imported Infection of Shigella sonnei Molecular Epidemiological Investigation of Cases of the Bali Tours Vol.20 NO.2 2004-02-25
Investigation on the Immune Reactions of SARS-coV in BALB/c Suckling Mice Vol.20 NO.1 2004-01-25
Analysis of the Trend of Drug Resistance of Salmonella typhimurium in Taiwan, 1991-2001 Vol.19 NO.12 2003-12-25
Taiwan’s First Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus Induced Paralysis Case Vol.19 NO.11 2003-11-25
Genotype Analysis of Measles Viruses, 2002 Vol.19 NO.10 2003-10-25
Investigation of a Food Poisoning Outbreak in a High School in Yunlin County, Taiwan, 2002 Vol.19 NO.9 2003-09-25
External Quality Assessment of Enterovirus Testing of Laboratories Contracted for the Testing of Viral Infections Vol.19 NO.8 2003-08-25
Establishment and Analysis of a SARS Real-Time RT-PCR System Vol.19 NO.7 2003-07-25
Molecular Biological Analysis of SARS Viruses in Taiwan Vol.19 NO.6 2003-06-25
Assessing the Test Efficacy of Influ A.B-Quick “Seiken” Vol.19 NO.5 2003-05-25
An Epidemiological Investigation of a Food Poisoning Outbreak in a Senior High School in Yunlin County Vol.19 NO.4 2003-04-25
Establishing a Yellow Fever Serological Testing Method Vol.19 NO.3 2003-03-25
An Epidemiological Investigation of a Food Poisoning Outbreak in Paisha Township, Penghu County, Taiwan Vol.19 NO.2 2003-02-25
A Molecular Epidemiological Analysis of the First Toxin-Producing Shigella dysentery Type 1 Strain Isolated in Taiwan Vol.19 NO.1 2003-01-25
An Investigation of a Bacillary Dysentery Outbreak in an Elementary School in Kuanmiao Township, Tainan County Vol.18 NO.12 2002-12-25
Establishment of a Real-Time PCR Analysis System to detect Enterovirus infections Vol.18 NO.11 2002-11-25
Molecular-Biological Analysis of the First Imported Rabies Case in Taiwan Vol.18 NO.10 2002-10-25
Isolation of Influenza Viruses and Influenza Epidemics in the Taiwan Area, 1999-2002 Vol.18 NO.9 2001-09-25
An Epidemiological Investigation of Group A β-Hemolytic Streptococcus Infections and a Scarlet Fever Outbreak in a Private Kindergarten in Peitou District of Taipei City Vol.18 NO.8 2002-08-25
Investigating Bacillary Dysentery Outbreaks in Dabang and Shanmei Villages of Alishan Township, Chiayi County Vol.18 NO.7 2002-07-25
Isolation of a New Orientia Tsutsugamushi Strain in Hualien Vol.18 NO.6 2002-06-25
A Suspected Scabies Outbreak at a Nursing Home Vol.18 NO.5 2002-05-25
Assessing the Public’s Knowledge and Environmental Sanitation Facilities for the Control of Bacillary Dysentery in Jenai Township, Nantou County Vol.18 NO.4 2002-04-25
Assessment of the Serum Antibody Responses and Safety of Influenza Vaccine for Children with Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases Vol.18 NO.3 2002-03-25
A Food Poisoning Outbreak Involving University Students at the Hohuan Campsite in Pinglin Township, Taipei County Vol.18 NO.2 2002-02-25
An Epidemiological Investigation of a Suspected Meningococcal meningitis Outbreak at a Military Camp Vol.18 NO.1 2002-01-25
Hepatitis E Virus Infection in Taiwan: Prevalence of Neutralizing Anti-HEVne Positive Serum Vol.17 NO.12 2001-12-25
Leptospirosis Case Involving a Thai Laborer in Taichung City Vol.17 NO.11 2001-11-25
Transfusion-Transmitted Virus (TTV):Positive Rates in Healthy Individuals and Cases with Hepatitis C Antibody Vol.17 NO.10 2001-10-25
A Cohort Study on the Follow-Up and Case-Holding of the Newly-Diagnosed Tuberculosis Patients Vol.17 NO.9 2002-09-25
An Influenza B Outbreak at a Juvenile Detention Center in Puli Township, Nantou County Vol.17 NO.8 2001-08-25
Shigellosis Infections in Nantou County: 1995-1999 Vol.17 NO.7 2001-07-25
An Investigation of a Scarlet Fever Outbreakat a Nursery in Taichung City Vol.17 NO.6 2001-06-25
A Survey of International Inbound Passengers onTheir Knowledge of the Health Statement Vol.17 NO.5 2001-05-25
Analysis of Relationships between Several Shigella sonnei Outbreaks in the Taoyuan Area of Taiwan Vol.17 NO.4 2001-04-25
A Preliminary Opinion Survey of Taipei City Medical Personnel of the Communicable Disease Reporting System – Using the Reporting of Dengue Fever as a Model Vol.17 NO.3 2001-03-25
Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) Vol.17 NO.2 2001-02-25
A Food Poisoning Incident in Tainan City High School Students Vol.17 NO.1 2001-01-25
Epidemiology of Pertussis in Taiwan, 1993-1998, and Its Control Measures Vol.16 NO.12 2000-12-25
Isolation of Influenza Virus in Taiwan and Worldwide, 1999-2000 Vol.16 NO.11 2000-11-25
Malaria Surveillance Vol.16 NO.10 2000-10-25
Costs and Benefits of Immunization Vol.16 NO.9 2000-09-25
Development of Laws and Regulations on Communicable Diseases Control in Taiwan Vol.16 NO.8 2000-08-25
Investigation of a Dengue Fever Infection in Linyuan Township, Kaohsiung County Vol.16 NO.7 2000-07-25
Laboratory Testing of Salmonella paratyphi A in Taiwan, 1987-1996 Vol.16 NO.6 2000-06-26
Analysis of the Health Statement of Inbound International Passengers Vol.16 NO.5 2000-05-25
Laboratory Testing of Salmonella paratyphi A in Taiwan,1987-1996 Vol.16 NO.4 2000-04-25
Foreword Vol.16 NO.3 2000-03-25
Notes for Physicians in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis Vol.16 NO.3 2000-03-25
Current Status of Tuberculosis in Taiwan Vol.16 NO.3 2000-03-25
An Epidemiological Investigation of a Food Poisoning Outbreak at an Elementary School in Penghu County Vol.16 NO.2 2000-02-25
Mortality of the 921 Earthquake in Nantou and Taichung Counties Vol.16 NO.1 2000-01-25
Laboratory Investigation of a Suspected Enterovirus 71 Outbreak in Central Taiwan Vol.15 NO.12 1999-12-25
Molecular Epidemiological Study of a Shigellosis Outbreak in Vol.15 NO.11 1999-11-25
An Investigation of the Risk Factors of a Dengue Fever Outbreak in Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City, 1998 Vol.15 NO.10 1999-10-25
A Shigella Infection in Chushan, Nantou County Vol.15 NO.9 1999-09-25
Distribution of Rodent Population in the Nankan Area,Matsu Islands Vol.15 NO.8 1999-08-25
Epidemiological Investigation of a Shigellosis Outbreak At a Mental Institution in Taoyuan County Vol.15 NO.7 1999-07-25
A Series of Salmonella Food Poisoning Outbreaks Occurred at one International-Class Hotel in Taichung City, Taiwan Vol.15 NO.6 1999-06-25
A Survey Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Imported Fishery Products in the Kaohsiung Area Vol.15 NO.5 1998-05-25
An Epidemiological Investigation of Drug Abuse in Patients at the Emergency Department of One Teaching Hospital in Taipei Vol.15 NO.4 1999-04-25
Analysis of Environmental and Occupational Risk Factors in Bladder Cancer Vol.15 NO.3 1999-03-25
A Staphylococcus aureus Food Poisoning Outbreak in Four Junior High School, Taichung County Vol.15 NO.2 1999-02-25
Recent Trend of Salmonella Food Poisoning and Serovars Vol.15 NO.1 1999-01-25
Investigation of a Food Poisoning Outbreak in Fanyuan, Changhua County Vol.14 NO.12 1998-12-25
Investigation of a Dysentery Outbreak at a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Institution in Shilin District, Taipei City, 1997 Vol.14 NO.11 1998-11-25
Investigation of A Vibrio parahaemolyticus Poisoning at An Elementary School in Yuanli Township, Miaoli County Vol.14 NO.10 1998-10-25
Investigation of the Pathogenic Factors of Sauropus androgynus Poisoning Vol.14 NO.9 1998-09-25
Deaths Among Children During an Outbreak of Hand - Foot - Mouth Disease -- Taiwan, Republic of China, February-July 1998 Vol.14 NO.8 1998-08-25
An Epidemiological Investigation of a Scarlet Fever Outbreak at a Kindergarten in Taichung City Vol.14 NO.7 1998-07-25
A Case-Control Study of Laiyngeal Cancer and Smoking Vol.14 NO.6 1998-06-25
A Shigellosis Outbreak at a Primary School in Kuanhsi, Hsinchu County Vol.14 NO.5 1998-05-25
Investigation of a Food Poisoning Outbreak at a Welcoming Camp for Freshmen of Univeisity Vol.14 NO.4 1998-04-25
Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Sea Food in Northern Taiwan Vol.14 NO.3 1998-03-25
Epidemiologic study of Drug Abuse in flan County Vol.14 NO.2 1998-02-25
Epidemiological Investigation of a Food Poisoning Outbreak at a National Conference Vol.14 NO.1 1998-01-25
Epidemiological Investigation of A Bacillary Dysentery Outbreak at A Juvenile Correction Institution Vol.13 NO.12 1997-12-25
Cholera caused by Vibrio cholerae O139 - A Case Report Vol.13 NO.11 1997-11-25
Vibrio cholerae O139 Case in Taiwan Vol.13 NO.11 2013-02-07
Causes of Death among Thai Workers in Taiwan Vol.13 NO.10 1997-10-25
Bacillary Dysentery in Taiwan Area in 1995 and 1996 Vol.13 NO.9 1997-10-25
Meningococcal Meningitis in the Taiwan Area in 1995 and 1996 Vol.13 NO.8 1997-08-25
Causes of Death and Prognostic Factors of NIDDM Patients Vol.13 NO.7 1997-07-25
Epidemiological Investigation of a Food Poisoning Outbreak in a Tainan Hotel, Taiwan Vol.13 NO.6 1997-06-25
Investigation of an Entamoeba histolytica Infection in a Provincial Institution Vol.13 NO.5 1997-05-25
An Investigation of Risk Factors in a Hepatitis A Outbreak in a College in Tamshui Vol.13 NO.4 1997-04-25
An Epidemiological Investigation of a Food Poisoning Outbreak among Philippine Workers in an Electronic Factory in Chungli, Taoyuan County, Taiwan Vol.13 NO.3 1997-03-25
Incidence of Violence in Acute Psychiatry Wards Vol.13 NO.2 1997-02-25
Investigation of Risk Factors Associated with a Bacillary Dysentery Outbreak in a Primary School in Taoyuan County Vol.13 NO.1 1997-01-25
Pertussis in the Taiwan Area, 1995 Vol.12 NO.12 1996-12-25
Foreign Labor and Disease Control in Taiwan Vol.12 NO.11 1996-11-25
A Study of Cockroaches as Vectors of Vol.12 NO.10 1996-10-25
A Large-Scale Vibrio parahaemolyticus Food Poisoning Outbreak Vol.12 NO.9 1996-09-25
Testings for Legionellosis in the Taiwan Area - A Preliminary Report - Vol.12 NO.8 1996-08-25
Flesh-Eating Bacteria: Current Status of Group A Streptococcal Infectious Gangrene in Taiwan Vol.12 NO.7 1996-07-25
Drug Abuse in The Taiwan Area - A Preliminary Investigation Vol.12 NO.6 1996-06-25
An Epidemiological Survey of Hyperuricemia among the Atayals of Nanau Township, Ilan County Vol.12 NO.5 1996-05-25
An Epidemiological Investigation of a Food-Poisoning Outbreak in a Township in Taichung County Vol.12 NO.4 1996-04-25
An Epidemiological Investigation of a Food-Poisoning Outbreak in a Taitung County Village Vol.12 NO.3 1996-03-25
A Survey of the Clinical Sequelae of Japanese Encephalitis Vol.12 NO.2 1996-02-25
Efficacy of a Locally-Manufactured Hepatitis B Vaccine on Newborns in the Taiwanese Mass Hepatitis B Vaccination Program Vol.12 NO.1 1996-01-25
A Survey of Staphylococcus aureus Nosocomial Infection among Hospitalized Patients in a Medical Center Vol.11 NO.12 1995-12-25
Investigation of a Food Poisoning Outbreak in Four Schools in Tainan City and Tainan County Vol.11 NO.11 1995-11-25
Murine (Endemic Flea-Borne) Typhus Fever - A Case Report Vol.11 NO.10 1995-10-25
Investigation of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Infections in Three- to Six-Year-Old Children in Rural Taiwan Vol.11 NO.9 1995-09-25
An Epidemiological Survey of Mumps in a Kingdergarten in Kaohsiung Vol.11 NO.8 1995-08-25
Parasitic Infection in a Psychiatric Institution in Taiwan, With Special Reference to Entamoeba histolytica Vol.11 NO.7 1995-07-25
Epidemiological Data of Human Poisoning in Taiwan, 1985-1993 Vol.11 NO.6 1995-06-25
Investigation of a Scabies Outbreak ina Primary School in Hsinchu County Vol.11 NO.5 1995-05-25
Fengshan City of Kaohsiung County Vol.11 NO.4 1995-04-25
Public Health Implication of the Floods in Kangshan Area, Kaohsiung County Vol.11 NO.3 1995-03-25
Investigating a Food Poisoning Outbreak in a School Vol.11 NO.2 1995-02-25
Accidental Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Its Prevention Vol.11 NO.1 1995-01-25
AIDS in Taiwan: An Update Vol.10 NO.12 1994-12-25
On the Infection of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Vol.10 NO.11 1994-11-25
A Food Poisoning Outbreak in a Restaurant in Chiayi City Vol.10 NO.10 1994-10-25
Plan for Surveillance of Occupational Diseases in Hospital One-Year Experience at Veterans’ General Hospital-Taipei Vol.10 NO.9 1994-09-25
A Snail Poisoning Outbreak in Fangliao, Pingtung County Vol.10 NO.8 1994-08-25
Investigation of Skin Disorders in Homei Township, Changhua County Vol.10 NO.7 1994-07-25
Investigation of An Outbreak of Hepatitis A in Su-Chi Village, Ilan County Vol.10 NO.6 1994-06-25
Survey of Schistosoma japonicum and Intestinal Parasites in Retired Servicemen and Foreign Laborers Vol.10 NO.5 1994-05-25
A Epidemiological Investigation of A Dysentery Outbreak in A Primary School in Taichung City - A Preliminary Report Vol.10 NO.4 1994-04-25
An Epidemiological Survey of Mumps in A Kindergarten, Taoyuan County Vol.10 NO.3 1994-03-25
Sero-Epidemiological Survey of Entamoeba Histolytica Vol.10 NO.2 1994-02-25
Survey of Clonorchis sinensis Infection in Miaoli County, Taiwan Vol.10 NO.1 1994-01-25
Serological Surveillance of Dengue Fever in Kaohsiung City Vol.9 NO.12 1993-12-25
Studies on Dengue Virus Infection in the Mosquitoes of Taiwan Rock Monkey Habitats at Gushan, Kaohsiung Vol.9 NO.11 1993-11-25
A Food-Poisoning Outbreak of Multiple Pathogenic Factors Vol.9 NO.10 1993-10-25
Health Conditions of Foreign Laborers -Preliminary Findings Vol.9 NO.9 1993-09-25
Investigations of An Outbreak of Hepatitis A in Sanmin Township, Kaohsiung County Vol.9 NO.8 1993-08-25
Analysis of the Sex Ratios of AIDS Cases/IUV Carriers in Taiwan Vol.9 NO.7 1993-07-25
Investigations of Food-Poisoning Outbreaks in Two Primary Schools, Kaohsiung City Vol.9 NO.6 1993-06-25
Epidemiological Survey and Drug Therapy of Clonorchis sinensis in Kuo-Hsing Township, Nantou County, Taiwan Vol.9 NO.5 1993-05-25
The Treatment of Drug Abuse and Dependence in Taiwan - A Clinical Report from a Private Mental Hospital Vol.9 NO.4 1993-04-25
Investigations of Immunization Coverage Rates of Infants and Children in Five Cities and Counties in Taiwan Vol.9 NO.3 1993-03-25
Scrub Typhus Among Kindergarten Children in Orchid Island Vol.9 NO.2 1993-02-25
Nursing students’ and Nurses’ Knowledge of and Attitudes toward AIDS and Their Willingness to Care for AIDS Patients Vol.9 NO.1 1993-01-25
Epidemiology of Diabetes Mellitus Vol.8 NO.12 1992-12-25
A Study of the Risk Factors of Major Salivary Gland Tumors Vol.8 NO.11 1992-11-25
An Epidemiological Study of Traffic Injuries in Taiwan Vol.8 NO.10 1992-10-25
A Study of Scrub Typhus in Dengue Fever Suspects in Chiayi County Vol.8 NO.9 1992-09-25
Food Poisoning Outbreak in Fuying Junior High School in Hsinchuan, Taipei County Vol.8 NO.8 1992-08-25
Smoking and passive smoking in relation to lung cancer by histological category Vol.8 NO.7 1992-07-25
Survey of Entamoeba Histolytica in Taitung County Vol.8 NO.6 1992-06-25
Mosquito-borne Diseases in Mainland China Vol.8 NO.5 1992-05-25
A Survey of Tuberculosis Infection Among Pre-School Children (0-5 Years) of Aboriginal Townships in Hualien County Vol.8 NO.4 1992-04-25
A Food Poisoning Outbreak in Miaoli County Vol.8 NO.3 1992-03-25
AIDS: Oral Manifestations and Management Vol.8 NO.2 1992-02-25
A Preliminary Estimate of HIV Infection and Prevalence Rates in Taiwan Vol.8 NO.1 1992-01-25
Food Posioning in a Primary School-Taichung County Vol.7 NO.12 1991-12-25
Life Stresses and Low Back Pain Vol.7 NO.11 1991-11-25
Hyperuricemia in Ilan County Vol.7 NO.10 1991-10-25
Epidemiology of Oral Cavity and Pharyngeal Cancers Vol.7 NO.9 1991-09-25
Goiter in Fu-Teh Census Tracts of Ta-Chia Township. Taichung County (Continue) Vol.7 NO.8 1991-08-25
Goiter in Fu-Teh Census Tracts of Ta-Chia Township, Taichung County Vol.7 NO.7 1991-07-25
Cholera -The epidemic In Peru Vol.7 NO.6 1991-06-25
Nosocomial Infection of Pseudomonasn Aerugiriosa Vol.7 NO.5 1991-05-25
An Outbreak of Hepatitis A In A Mountain Township in llan County Vol.7 NO.4 1991-04-25
A Botulism Outbreak In Miaoli Country Vol.7 NO.3 1991-03-25
Survey on the Garbage Landfill Site and Dermatoses In A Township Vol.7 NO.2 1991-02-25
A Pilot Study of Congenitally Deformed Children Vol.7 NO.1 1991-01-25
A Gastroenteritis Outbreak in a Military Hospital Vol.6 NO.12 1990-12-25
Case Report on A Botulism Intoxication-Taipei City Vol.6 NO.11 1990-11-25
Current Status of AIDS in Taiwan, ROC Vol.6 NO.10 1990-10-25
World Malaria Situation 1988 Overview Vol.6 NO.9 1990-09-25
Utilization and Satisfaction with Group Practice Centers and Health Clinics: A Comparative Study Vol.6 NO.8 1990-08-25
Outbreak of Staphylococcal Food Poisoning at the International Conference in Taipei Vol.6 NO.7 1990-07-25
Immunization Survey - Chiayi City, Taichung County, Taichung City, Miaoli County, Changhua County Vol.6 NO.6 1990-06-25
Tuberculosis Control in Taiwan Vol.6 NO.5 1990-05-25
Japanese Encephalitis in Taiwan, 1989 Vol.6 NO.4 1990-04-25
Clonorchis sinensis in Taiwan Vol.6 NO.3 1990-03-25
Increasing Number of AIDS Cases and HIV Infected Persons in Taiwan Vol.6 NO.2 1990-02-25
Rabies Vol.6 NO.1 1990-01-25
Outbreak of Gastroenteritis in a Cafeteria, Ta-An Precinct, Taipei City Vol.5 NO.12 1989-12-25
Case report of human infection with Capillaria philippinensis Vol.5 NO.12 1989-12-25
Dengue Control in South-East Asia and the Western Pacific Vol.5 NO.11 1988-11-25
Outbreak of Gastroenteritis in Tong Ho Junior High School, Yun Lin County Vol.5 NO.10 1989-10-25
Scombroid Poisoning in An Electronic Company in the Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone Vol.5 NO.9 1989-09-25
Epidemiological Study of the Characteristics of Chronic Patients in Four Taipei Municipal Hospitals (2) Vol.5 NO.8 1989-08-25
Epidemiological Study of the Characteristics of Chronic Inpatients in¡¦ Four Taipei Municipal Hospitals (1) Vol.5 NO.7 1989-07-25
Epidemiology of Dengue Fever in Taiwan Area Vol.5 NO.6 1989-06-25
Study on HLA Types and SCE Frequency in Familial and Sporadic Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Vol.5 NO.5 1989-05-25
Changes in the Epidemiological Pattern of Rubella in Taiwan Area (II) Vol.5 NO.4 1989-04-25
Changes in the Epidemiological Pattern of Rubella in Taiwan Area (I) Vol.5 NO.3 1989-03-25
Nosocomial Infection in Taiwan Area, January 1986-June 1988 Vol.5 NO.2 1989-02-25
Epidemiology of Malignant Neoplasms in Black-Foot Disease Areas: A Long-Term Observation of Death Statistics in Pu-tai Township Vol.5 NO.1 1989-01-25
Alcohol and Motor Vehicle Injuries Vol.4 NO.12 1988-12-25
Third Prevalence Survey of Tuberculosis, Hypertension and Diabetes - Taipei City Vol.4 NO.11 1988-11-25
Traveler’s Helath Guide (4): Vol.4 NO.11 1988-11-25
The Epidemic of Dengue Fever in the Taiwan Area, 1988 Vol.4 NO.10 1988-10-25
First Female AIDS Case in Taiwan Area Vol.4 NO.9 1988-09-25
Seroepidemiological Surveillance of HIV Infection in Southern Taiwan Vol.4 NO.9 1988-09-25
Measles Epidemic in Taipei Area, First Half of 1988 Vol.4 NO.8 1988-08-25
Traveler’s Health Guide (2) Vol.4 NO.8 1988-08-25
8 Scarlet Fever Cases in Cathay General Hospital, Taipei Vol.4 NO.7 1988-07-25
Traveler’s Health Guide (1) Vol.4 NO.7 1988-07-25
Status of Hepatitis B immunization Program Vol.4 NO.6 1988-06-25
First AIDS Case in Southern Taiwan Vol.4 NO.6 1988-06-25
Lead Poisoning in A Lead Smelter Vol.4 NO.5 1988-05-25
Prevalence Survey of Gluteus Maximus Contracture Among School Children in Taiwan Area Vol.4 NO.4 1988-04-25
Prevalence Surveys of Gluteus Maximus Contracture Among School Children - Taipei City and Szu-hu Township Vol.4 NO.3 1988-03-25
Study on the Relation Between Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma and EBV Antibody Vol.4 NO.2 1988-02-25
Prostitutes and AIDS Vol.4 NO.1 1988-01-25
Preliminary Report of Outbreak Investigation on Dengue Fever in South Taiwan Vol.3 NO.12 1987-12-25
Death Case Report of Scrub Typhus Vol.3 NO.11 1987-11-25
Preliminary Report on Suspected Non-A Non-B Hepatitis -Chiayi County Vol.3 NO.9 1987-09-25
Knowledge-Attitude-Practice Survey of the Parents of Attendees on Hepatitis B and Its Paid Vaccination in Chengchung District, Taipei City. Vol.3 NO.8 1987-08-25
Serum antibody titer to Rickettsia Tsutsugamushi in Taiwan Rodeuts Vol.3 NO.8 1987-08-25
Outbreak of Staphylococcal Food Poisoning in a Tour Group-Miaoli and Taipei Counties Vol.3 NO.7 1987-07-25
Scarlet Fever in Taipei County Vol.3 NO.7 1987-07-25
Prevalence of HIV Antibody in Paid Blood Donors Vol.3 NO.6 1987-06-25
Immunization Survey - Taitung County and Kaohsiung City Vol.3 NO.6 1987-06-25
The Prevalence of Behavioral Risk Factors in Taipei City Residents Vol.3 NO.5 1987-05-25
Two Outbreaks of Botulism in Aborigines Associated with Home-Preserved Meats - Nantou and Ilan Counties Vol.3 NO.4 1987-04-25
Amebiasis in a Mental Institution - Teng Shwei Vol.3 NO.4 1987-04-25
Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Vol.3 NO.4 1987-04-25
An Outbreak of Type A Botulism Due to Commercially Preserved Peanuts - Chang Hwa County Vol.3 NO.3 1987-03-25
Outbreak of a Psychogenic Illness in an Elementary School - Tainan County Vol.3 NO.3 1987-03-25
Outbreak of Staphylococcal Food Poisoning in a School - Tainan County Vol.3 NO.2 1987-02-25
Rubella in the Taiwan Area Vol.3 NO.2 1987-02-25
Chvou Department of Pediatvics. Vol.3 NO.1 1987-01-25
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome- Taiwan Vol.2 NO.12 1986-12-25
Trends in Motor Vehicle Accidents in the Taiwan Area Vol.2 NO.12 1986-12-25
Trial of New Communicable Disease Reporting System Vol.2 NO.11 1986-11-25
Suicide Trends in the Taiwan Area Vol.2 NO.11 1986-11-25
Acute Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis - Taipei City Vol.2 NO.10 1986-10-25
Maternal Mortality in the Taiwan Area Vol.2 NO.9 1986-09-25
Outbreak of Staphylococcal Food Poisoning in a Tour Group - Hwalien and Han Counties Vol.2 NO.9 1986-09-25
Immunization Survey-Hwalien County Vol.2 NO.8 1986-08-25
Outbreak of Scombroid Fish Poisoning - Kaohsiung City Vol.2 NO.8 1986-08-25
Expansion of Hepatitis B Immunization Program Vol.2 NO.8 1986-08-25
Immunization Survey - Taipei County Vol.2 NO.7 1986-07-25
Outbreak of Gastroenteritis due to Vibrio parahemolyticus-Feng-Shan City, Kaohsiung County Vol.2 NO.7 1986-07-25
Prevalence of HTLV-III antibody among volunteer blood donors in Taiwan Vol.2 NO.6 1986-06-25
Tuberculosis Control in Taiwan Vol.2 NO.6 1986-06-25
A Prevalence Survey of Nosocomial Infections - Taipei Vol.2 NO.5 1986-05-25
Immunization Survey-Yun Lin County Vol.2 NO.5 1986-05-25
The First Case of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Diagnosed in Taiwan Vol.2 NO.4 1986-04-25
Eosinophilic Meningitis Due to Angiostrongylus cantonensis Vol.2 NO.3 1986-03-25
Outbreak of Gastroenteritis in an Athletic Camp - Kaohsiung City Vol.2 NO.3 1986-03-25
Outbreak of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning - Pingtung and Kaohsiung Counties Vol.2 NO.2 1986-02-25
Outbreak of Hepatitis A Among Aborigine Villages -Ilan County Vol.2 NO.2 1986-02-25
Typhoid Fever Among Workers in a Shoe Vol.2 NO.1 1986-01-25
Outbreak of Gastroenteritis Due to Vibrio parahemolyticu - Ta Liao Village, Kaohsiung County Vol.2 NO.1 1986-01-25
Measles Outbreak in an Elementary School Vol.1 NO.13 1985-12-25
Outbreak of Ga5troenteritls in a Vocational School - Yun Lin County Vol.1 NO.13 1985-12-25
Japanese B Encephalitis - Taiwan Area Vol.1 NO.12 1985-12-25
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit--Taipei City Vol.1 NO.12 1985-11-25
Scrub Typhus - Lan-Yu Island Vol.1 NO.11 1985-10-25
Outbreak of Hepatitis A - I-Lan County Vol.1 NO.11 1985-10-25
Characteristics of Women Undergoing Abortion-Taiwan Vol.1 NO.10 1985-09-25
Gastroenteritis Due to Vibrio parahemolyticus Hsin-Chu County Vol.1 NO.9 1985-08-25
Adverse Reactions to Cholera VaCcine-Taipei City and Miaoli County Vol.1 NO.9 1985-08-25
Trends in Sexually Transmitted Diseases in a Taipei City Clinic Vol.1 NO.8 1985-07-25
Outbreak of Psychogenic Illness Among Elementary School Girls in Taitung County Vol.1 NO.8 1985-07-25
AIDS Added to List of Reportable Diseases Vol.1 NO.7 1985-06-25
Foodborne Gastroenteritis in Junior High School -Nantou County Vol.1 NO.7 1985-06-25
Suboptimal Response to Hepatitis B Vaccine in Adults after Gluteel Injection Vol.1 NO.7 1985-06-25
Prevalence of Poliomyelitis Among Taipei City School Children Vol.1 NO.6 1985-05-25
n-Hexane Induced Polyneuropathy Among Press-proofing Workers Vol.1 NO.6 1985-05-25
Tetanus Morbidity and MortaIitil in Taiwan Vol.1 NO.5 1985-04-25
Influenza Activity – Taiwan Vol.1 NO.4 1985-03-25
Measles - Taipei City Vol.1 NO.4 1985-03-25
Gastroenteritis at a Wedding Party-Nantou Vol.1 NO.4 1985-03-25
Measles Immunization Survey – Taipei City Vol.1 NO.3 1985-02-25
Hepatitis B Control in Taiwan Vol.1 NO.3 1985-02-25
Pilot Survey of Smoking Behavior and Attitudes Among Taipei City Residents Vol.1 NO.1 1985-01-25
Outbreak of Gastroenteritis Among Students of Two Senior High Schools-Tainan County Vol.1 NO.2 1985-01-25
Taipei Hospital Vol.1 NO.2 1985-01-25
Outbreak of Gastroenteritis Among A Tour Group of Junior High School Students -- Taipei Vol.1 NO.1 1985-01-25
Smoking Attitude and Behavior Among Taipei Junior and Senior Highschool Students Vol.1 NO.2 1985-01-25