Title Volume Date
Investigation of Japanese Encephalitis Cases in Changhua County, 2022 Vol.40 NO.11 2024-06-11
Investigation of a Norovirus Gastroenteritis Cluster in a Hotel, Taoyuan, December 2019 Vol.40 NO.10 2024-05-28
Investigation of Q Fever Cluster in Changhua County, 2021 Vol.40 NO.9 2024-05-14
Management of A Probable Case of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease in Southern Taiwan, 2020 Vol.40 NO.7 2024-04-16
A Tuberculosis Family Cluster in an Aboriginal Township, Eastern Taiwan, 2019 Vol.40 NO.5 2024-03-12
Investigation of The First Imported Case of Malaria, Taiwan, 2023 Vol.40 NO.1 2024-01-09
Investigation on the Laboratory Infection of Bacillary Dysentery of a Hospital, Tainan, 2020 Vol.39 NO.20 2023-10-24
Investigation of an Indigenous Case of Dengue Fever and Control Measures, Taichung City, 2019 Vol.39 NO.16 2023-08-22
Investigation and Prevention Measures of the First Aircraft Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Cluster Infection in Taiwan, December 2020 Vol.39 NO.15 2023-08-08
An Outbreak of COVID-19 in a Hospital and Affiliated Nursing Home in Central Taiwan, 2021 Vol.39 NO.15 2023-08-08
A Cluster of Acute Hepatitis A in a Factory Dormitory, Tainan, 2022 Vol.39 NO.14 2023-07-25
An Outbreak of Hepatitis C Virus Infections in a Hospital Hemodialysis Unit, Taiwan, 2020 Vol.39 NO.14 2023-07-25
Investigation and Containment Measures of the Dengue Outbreak in Tainan City, 2019 Vol.39 NO.13 2023-07-11
An Indigenous Outbreak of Dengue Fever in Toubiankeng's Orchards, Taiping District, Taichung City, 2018 Vol.39 NO.13 2023-07-11
Investigation of Indigenous Dengue Fever Outbreak in a University in Tainan, Taiwan, 2019 Vol.39 NO.12 2023-06-20
Implementing the Work Bubbles Strategy During a COVID-19 Outbreak in a Company, Taiwan, 2022 Vol.39 NO.10 2023-05-23
Interventions in a COVID-19 Outbreak in a Regional Hospital During The Early Stage of Level 3 Epidemic Alert, Taoyuan, Taiwan, 2021 Vol.39 NO.8 2023-04-25
Investigation of a Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Cluster in a Family and Campus, Central Taiwan, 2018 Vol.39 NO.6 2023-03-21
Investigation of a Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Cluster in an Entertainment Place, Southern Taiwan, 2018 Vol.39 NO.6 2023-03-21
Applying Crisis Management Principles in Handling an Incident Report of Tuberculosis at a Kindergarten, Taiwan, 2019  Vol.39 NO.5 2023-03-07
Outbreak of Hantavirus Infection, Southern Taiwan, 2020 Vol.39 NO.3 2023-02-07
COVID-19 Outbreak on a Freighter and Emergency Responses, Taichung Port, 2022 Vol.39 NO.1 2023-01-03
An Investigation of Abnormality of Water Quality Occurred in Mailiao Harbor, Yunlin, Taiwan, 2019 Vol.38 NO.21 2022-11-08
<em>Clostridium perfringens</em> Outbreak Associated with School Lunch, New Taipei City, 2019 Vol.38 NO.17 2022-09-06
Investigation of The COVID-19 Cluster Infection in A Northern Taiwan Agricultural Products Marketing Corporation in 2021 Vol.38 NO.16 2022-08-23
Investigation of The Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak in Southern Taiwan, 2020 Vol.38 NO.14 2022-07-19
Investigation of The First Indigenous Enterohemorrhagic <em>E. coli</em> Infection, Taiwan, 2019 Vol.38 NO.13 2022-07-05
Investigation of A COVID-19 Cluster Infection in An Apartment Building, Northern Taiwan, 2021 Vol.38 NO.10 2022-05-24
Migrant Workers with SARS-COV-2 Detected after Departure in September 2020 Vol.38 NO.8 2022-04-26
Investigation of The First Community Cluster of SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant Infection in Taiwan, 2021 Vol.38 NO.7 2022-04-12
Public Health Management of A COVID-19 Case Imported from The Netherlands And Contacts in 2020 Vol.38 NO.4 2022-02-22
Managing The First Body of Deceased COVID-19 Patient in Taiwan, 2020 Vol.38 NO.3 2022-02-15
The First Indigenous Hantavirus Case, Yilan County, 2019 Vol.37 NO.24 2021-12-21
Investigation of An Infant Botulism Case, 2020 Vol.37 NO.23 2021-12-07
Investigation And Response to A Nosocomial COVID-19 Outbreak, Northern Region, Taiwan, February 2020 Vol.37 NO.20 2021-10-26
The First Domestic Dengue Fever Outbreak in Chiayi County, 2018 Vol.37 NO.16 2021-08-24
Investigation of Acute Viral Hepatitis C Cluster in A Hemodialysis Unit in the Central Region, Taiwan, 2018 Vol.37 NO.14 2021-07-27
Prevention And Control of Imported Vector-Borne Diseases in A University Summer Camp—Northern Taiwan, 2019 Vol.37 NO.10 2021-05-25
Epidemiologic Investigation And Prevention of Pertussis Cluster, Chiayi, 2019 Vol.37 NO.8 2021-04-27
An Outbreak of Echovirus 11 Infection in a Postpartum Nursing Care Center, 2018 Vol.37 NO.7 2021-04-13
A Tuberculosis Outbreak in A University of Eastern Taiwan, 2014–2016 Vol.37 NO.6 2021-03-23
A Tuberculosis Outbreak in a Psychiatric Institution at Northern Taiwan, 2014–2018 Vol.37 NO.5 2021-03-09
Investigation of A COVID-19 Contracted Musician Traveling to Australia after Visiting Taiwan, March 2020 Vol.36 NO.20 2020-10-27
Investigation of An Imported Family Cluster of COVID-19, Central Taiwan, January 2020 Vol.36 NO.20 2020-10-27
The Investigation of The Coronavirus Disease 2019 Case on Dunmu Fleet, 2020 Vol.36 NO.19 2020-10-13
Response And Control Measures to A COVID-19 Case in A Long-Term Care Facility-Northern Region, Taiwan, March 2020 Vol.36 NO.19 2020-10-13
A Cluster of Enterovirus Infection in A Nursery Institution, November 2017 Vol.36 NO.17 2020-09-08
Norovirus Outbreak in An Educational Center—Taoyuan, Taiwan, January 2018 Vol.36 NO.9 2020-05-12
Investigation on A Measles Outbreak Linked to An Imported Case, Northern Taiwan, 2019 Vol.36 NO.8 2020-04-28
A Suspected Outbreak of Carbapenem-Resistant <em>Klebsiella pneumoniae</em> Infection in A Southern Taiwan Hospital, 2016 Vol.36 NO.7 2020-04-14
Investigation And Intervention of Multiple Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Outbreak in A Community of Yunlin County, 2017 Vol.36 NO.6 2020-03-24
An Outbreak of Acute Gastrointestinal Illness Following Consumption of Hydrogen Peroxide-Contaminated Noodles at School, Taiwan, April 2013 Vol.36 NO.5 2020-03-10
Investigation of Abnormal Operation of Specimen for Interferon-Gamma Release Assay, Ilan County, 2018 Vol.36 NO.4 2020-02-25
The Investigation of the First Autochthonous Chikungunya Outbreak in Taiwan, 2019 Vol.35 NO.22 2019-11-19
A Pulmonary Tuberculosis Cluster in A Hospital in Southern Taiwan, 2009–2014 Vol.35 NO.21 2019-11-05
A Cluster of Tuberculosis Among the Crew of An Oil Tanker, 2017 Vol.35 NO.21 2019-11-05
Tuberculosis Outbreak Investigation at A Senior High School in Central Taiwan, 2017 Vol.35 NO.19 2019-10-08
A Personalized Management of A Chronic Active Tuberculosis Patient, Hsinchu City Vol.35 NO.19 2019-10-08
Case Report of Human Streptococcus suis Infections, Taiwan, 2018–2019 Vol.35 NO.17 2019-09-10
Investigation of A Japanese Encephalitis cluster in Linyuan District, Kaohsiung City, 2018 Vol.35 NO.13 2019-07-09
An Investigation of Hospital-associated Measles Outbreak, Central Taiwan, 2019 Vol.35 NO.11 2019-06-04
An Overview of Measles Epidemic, Taiwan,January–May, 2019 Vol.35 NO.11 2019-06-04
Investigation of A Foodborne Outbreak in High School, Tainan City, Taiwan, 2017 Vol.35 NO.10 2019-05-21
First Diarrhea Outbreak of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) Infection in Taiwan, 2017 Vol.35 NO.9 2019-05-07
A Tuberculosis Outbreak in A Township of Eastern Taiwan, 2017 Vol.35 NO.7 2019-04-09
Case Report of Congenital Rubella Syndrome Identified By Active Surveillance System, Taichung, 2017 Vol.35 NO.6 2019-03-26
Outbreak Investigation of Acute Hepatitis C at an Outpatient Clinic, Taoyuan, Taiwan, 2017 Vol.35 NO.4 2019-02-26
A probable case of iatrogenic botulism related to cosmetic injections of botulinum toxin, Taiwan, 2018 Vol.35 NO.1 2019-01-15
Investigation of Tuberculosis Outbreak in A Long-Term Care Facility in Northern Taiwan, 2015 Vol.35 NO.1 2019-01-15
Severe Echovirus 11 Infection in Newborns, Taiwan, 2018 Vol.34 NO.21 2018-11-06
Enterovirus Echo 11 Infections in Neonates, Taiwan, 2018 Vol.34 NO.21 2018-11-06
Investigation of the First Dengue Cluster, Kaohsiung City, 2017 Vol.34 NO.16 2018-08-21
An Outbreak Investigation of Acute Hepatitis A in Northern Taiwan, 2016 Vol.34 NO.13 2018-07-10
Investigation of the Two Vibrio cholerae Cases in Southern Taiwan, 2016 Vol.34 NO.13 2018-07-10
Investigation of the Confirmed Imported Case of H7N9 Influenza, Taiwan, 2017 Vol.34 NO.12 2018-06-19
Investigation of an Indigenous Outbreak of Dengue Fever, Yingge District, New Taipei City, 2017 Vol.34 NO.11 2018-06-05
An Investigation on Tuberculosis Outbreak in the Billiard Room in Northern Taiwan, 2015 Vol.34 NO.10 2018-05-22
A Cluster of Tuberculosis at a Hotel in Southern Taiwan, 2015 Vol.34 NO.10 2018-05-22
Salmonella Enteritidis Outbreak Linked to a Bakery in Kinmen, Taiwan, November 2016 Vol.34 NO.9 2018-05-08
Outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis Infection Linked to Tiramisu Cakes Contaminated by Liquid Eggs in Taiwan, 2014 Vol.34 NO.9 2018-05-08
The Immunization Strategy for Underprivileged Children in a Certain Charity in the Northern Region, 2017 Vol.34 NO.8 2018-04-17
A Case of Imported Measles with Cluster in Northern Taiwan, August 2016 Vol.34 NO.8 2018-04-17
The Investigation of Scrub Typhus Cluster in Sandimen, Pingtung County, Taiwan, 2017 Vol.34 NO.7 2018-04-03
An Outbreak of Ciprofloxacin-Resistant Serogroup B Meningococcal Disease in a Military Base, 2017 Vol.34 NO.7 2018-04-03
A Shigellosis Outbreak in a Long-term Mental Health Treatment Center — Hualien County, 2016 Vol.34 NO.5 2018-03-06
A Tuberculosis Outbreak at a Workplace in Central Taiwan, 2016 Vol.34 NO.4 2018-02-13
A Tuberculosis Outbreak in a University, Taichung, Taiwan, 2015 Vol.34 NO.4 2018-02-13
Investigation of Abnormality of Drinking Water During Ship Sanitation Inspection at Suao Port, 2017 Vol.34 NO.3 2018-02-06
Case Series: Enterovirus D68 Infection with Severe Neurological Complications in Taiwan, 2016–2017 Vol.34 NO.2 2018-01-23
Investigation of A Norovirus Outbreak in A College, Kaohsiung City, 2016 Vol.34 NO.1 2018-01-09
A Clostridium perfringens associated Foodborne Outbreak on a Campsite — Northern Taiwan, 2016 Vol.34 NO.1 2018-01-09
A Foodborne Outbreak Associated with School Lunch Program in a School ─ New Taipei City, Taiwan, November 2016 Vol.33 NO.24 2017-12-19
Investigation of Tuberculosis Clusters in a Long-Term Psychiatric Institution in Eastern Taiwan, 2012–2016 Vol.33 NO.23 2017-12-05
An Outbreak Investigation of Cross-County Norovirus Gastroenteritis Linked to Imported Oysters, Taiwan, 2015 Vol.33 NO.21 2017-11-07
Investigation of a Tuberculosis Outbreak in a University in Southern Taiwan, 2012–2014 Vol.33 NO.19 2017-10-03
Family Cluster of Indigenous Acute Hepatitis A in Taipei Region, Taiwan, 2015–2016 Vol.33 NO.14 2017-07-25
Restaurant-associated Typhoid Fever Outbreak in Taoyuan, Taiwan, 2015 Vol.33 NO.13 2017-07-11
Investigation of the Cholera Family Cluster in Taiwan, 2016 Vol.33 NO.13 2017-07-11
The Impact of Public Places on the Initial Stage of Dengue Outbreak Study of the Dengue Fever Cluster in Ximending Flea Market, Tainan City, 2015 Vol.33 NO.10 2017-05-23
The Report of First Imported Measles Case in 2016 Vol.33 NO.8 2017-04-25
A Measles Cluster Report in Taipei Song Shan Airport, 2016 Vol.33 NO.8 2017-04-25
The Investigation of First Indigenous Measles Case of A Foreigner in Taipei, 2016 Vol.33 NO.7 2017-04-11
The Report of First Japanese Encephalitis Case in Taiwan in 2016 Vol.33 NO.7 2017-04-11
Investigation of A Norovirus Outbreak in A Training Institute—New Taipei City, 2016 Vol.33 NO.6 2017-03-28
The First Diarrhea Outbreak on Cruise Ship in Taiwan, 2016 Vol.33 NO.6 2017-03-28
Epidemiological Analysis of Diarrhea Outbreaks in Taipei Region, April 2015–April 2016 Vol.33 NO.2 2017-01-24
Outbreak Investigation of a Food Poisoning Event at a Resort Hotel, Kenting, 2015 Vol.32 NO.22 2016-11-22
Norovirus Outbreak in a Psychiatric Institution, New Taipei City, December 2015 Vol.32 NO.21 2016-11-08
Outbreak of Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome, Kaohsiung, January–April 2016 Vol.32 NO.20 2016-10-18
First Fatal Case of Scrub Typhus, Taiwan, 2016 Vol.32 NO.19 2016-10-04
Locally Acquired Dengue Outbreak, Hsinchu County, 2015 Vol.32 NO.18 2016-09-20
Influenza Outbreak in a Long Term Care Facility, Changhua, 2015 Vol.32 NO.17 2016-09-06
Gastroenteritis Outbreak in Tour Groups, Lyudao, 2015 Vol.32 NO.14 2016-07-19
Outbreak of Locally Acquired Cases of Dengue Fever, Shetou, Changhua County, 2015 Vol.32 NO.13 2016-07-05
Investigation of Two Concurrent Tuberculosis Outbreaks in a University in Northern Taiwan Vol.32 NO.12 2016-06-21
Transnational Health Monitoring of Infectious Diseases ─ Experience of the First Imported Case of Rubella in 2015 Vol.32 NO.10 2016-05-24
Cluster of Measles Cases, Central Taiwan, 2015 Vol.32 NO.8 2016-04-26
First Dengue Cluster in Eastern Taiwan Vol.32 NO.7 2016-04-12
First Case of Zika Virus Infection Imported from Thailand to Taiwan, January 2016 Vol.32 NO.5 2016-03-08
Measles Outbreak in a Duty Free Shop, Northern Taiwan, 2015 Vol.32 NO.4 2016-02-23
Norovirus Outbreak at A Farm–Taichung City, February 2015 Vol.31 NO.22 2015-11-24
Fatal Dengue Cases, May–September 2015 Vol.31 NO.21 2015-11-10
A Cluster of Indigenous Acute Hepatitis A in HIV Patients, Taipei, Taiwan, 2015 Vol.31 NO.19 2015-10-13
An Imported Dengue Cluster in Taiwanese Businessmen from Indonesia Vol.31 NO.17 2015-09-08
First Report of An Infant Intestinal Botulism Case in A Recent Decade in Taiwan Vol.31 NO.14 2015-07-28
Shigellosis Outbreak in Military Camp In A Southern County of Taiwan, 2015 Vol.31 NO.13 2015-07-14
Investigation of Community Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Outbreak in Taipei Region, 2014 Vol.31 NO.12 2015-06-23
A Suspect Cluster of Indigenous Shigellosis in Taipei, Taiwan, 2015 Vol.31 NO.11 2015-06-09
An Outbreak of Pertussis in a Junior High School in Taoyuan County, December 2013 – February 2014 Vol.31 NO.10 2015-05-26
Investigation on the Domestic Measles Outbreak in Nantou, 2014 Vol.31 NO.9 2015-05-11
A Pulmonary Tuberculosis Cluster in An Institution in Southern Taiwan, 2012 Vol.31 NO.6 2015-03-24
A Tuberculosis Outbreak in a Work Place-Northern Taiwan, 2013 Vol.31 NO.5 2015-03-10
Outbreak Investigation on Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection in a Postpartum Nursing Care Center, Tainan City, 2014 Vol.31 NO.4 2015-02-24
An Investigation of Norovirus Outbreak in a Medical Center-Affiliated Nursing Home –Taoyuan, Taiwan, 2014 Vol.31 NO.3 2015-02-10
Outbreak of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection in Postpartum Nursing Home, Changhua County, 2014 Vol.31 NO.1 2015-01-13
Influenza Outbreak in a Psychiatric Institution in Hualien, 2014 Vol.30 NO.23 2014-12-09
An Outbreak of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection in a Postpartum Nursing Center, 2014 Vol.30 NO.22 2014-11-25
Investigation of Acute Diarrhea Outbreak among Taiwanese Group Tourists in Korea, December 2013-January 2014 Vol.30 NO.20 2014-10-21
The Varicella Cluster on a Cruise Ship, 2014 Vol.30 NO.20 2014-10-21
The Investigation of a Tuberculosis Cluster in a University in Taipei Vol.30 NO.19 2014-10-07
Integrated Control Measures in Responding Scrub Typhus Epidemic in Kinmen County, 2014 Vol.30 NO.16 2014-08-26
First Domestic Measles Outbreak Linked to an Imported Case -Taiwan, 2014 Vol.30 NO.13 2014-07-08
Investigation on the First Measles Outbreak in 2014 Vol.30 NO.10 2014-05-27
An Influenza Cluster in a Nursing Institution in Tainan, 2013 Vol.30 NO.7 2014-04-08
A Fatal Neonatal Infection with Echovirus 30, Taiwan, 2013 Vol.30 NO.4 2014-02-25
A Case Report of Neonatal Legionellosis in a Nursery in Central Taiwan Vol.30 NO.3 2014-02-11
Imported Acute Viral Hepatitis A Outbreak from Cambodia in 2013 Vol.30 NO.2 2014-01-21
Epidemiologic Investigation of Food-poisoning Outbreak at X Ranch Restaurant in Yilan County Vol.30 NO.1 2014-01-07
The Investigation of a Tuberculosis Cluster in a High School in Southern Taiwan, 2012 Vol.29 NO.18 2013-09-24
Investigation on the First Imported Rabies Case in 2013 Vol.29 NO.16 2013-08-20
The Prevention and Control Strategies for the Response of Animal Rabies Outbreak in Taiwan: A Preliminary Report Vol.29 NO.15 2013-08-06
Influenza Outbreak at a Correctional, Taitung,2012 Vol.29 NO.14 2013-07-23
Outbreak Investigation on the First Two Imported Cases of Measles In 2013 Vol.29 NO.13 2013-07-09
Varicella Outbreak in a Child Day Care Center, Hsinchu County, January 2013 Vol.29 NO.12 2013-06-18
Investigation of a Family Cluster of Pertussis Infection in Kaohsiung City, early 2013 Vol.29 NO.11 2013-06-04
Shigellosis Outbreak at an Aboriginal Village, Hualien, 2012 Vol.29 NO.10 2013-05-21
A Preliminary Report of the Preparedness and Response to Avian Influenza A(H7N9) Infections, Taiwan, 2013 Vol.29 NO.9 2013-05-07
The Overview of Human Infection Caused by Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Virus Vol.29 NO.8 2013-04-23
Indigenous Dengue Fever Outbreak Caused by Importation at Luchu Township, Taoyuan County Vol.29 NO.6 2013-03-19
The Epidemiologic Investigation on a Case of Angiostrongylus Cantonensis Infection in Kaohsiung City, 2012 Vol.29 NO.5 2013-03-05
The Investigation Report of First Confirmed Case of Hantavirus Hemorrhagic Fever in Taiwan, 2012 Vol.29 NO.4 2013-02-19
The First Case Report of Imported Rabies in 2012 Vol.29 NO.3 2013-02-05
Influenza Outbreaks in a Psychiatric Institution in Eastern Taiwan Vol.29 NO.2 2013-01-22
A Cluster of Enterovirus Infection with Severe Complications in Northern Region of Taiwan, August 2012 Vol.29 NO.1 2013-01-08
A vaccine adverse event associated with seasonal influenza immunization in central Taiwan, Oct 2012 Vol.28 NO.24 2012-12-18
Sapovirus Cluster in a Chain Buffet Restaurant, 2012 Vol.28 NO.21 2012-12-06
An Outbreak of Meningoencephalitis Caused by Angiostrongylus cantonensis among Thai Workers in Changhua County, Taiwan, 2012 June Vol.28 NO.22 2012-11-20
A Food Poisoning Outbreak in a Primary School, Taitung County, 2012 May Vol.28 NO.20 2012-10-23
An Outbreak of Shigellosis Infection within Three Tourism Groups during Traveling in Boracay, the Philippines, 2012 Vol.28 NO.19 2012-10-09
The Implementation of Health Protection Measures in the Culling Operation in the Poultry Farms with Avian InfluenzaA (H5N2) Outbreak Vol.28 NO.16 2012-08-21
A Pertussis Outbreak at a Hospital in Southern Taiwan, January 2012 Vol.28 NO.15 2012-08-07
Investigation of An Infant With Meningococcal Meningitis in Pingtung County, 2012 Vol.28 NO.14 2012-07-24
A Cluster of Travel Acquired Dengue Fever among Employees of a Company in Taipei City Vol.28 NO.13 2012-07-10
Investigation of a Suspected Respiratory and Encephalitis Cluster among University Students in Central Taiwan Vol.28 NO.12 2012-06-19
Investigation of an Imported Measles Case in North Taiwan in March, 2012 Vol.28 NO.10 2012-05-22
An Amoebiasis Outbreak at A Psychiatric Sanatorium in Tainan City in February 2012 Vol.28 NO.9 2012-05-08
Investigation of A Diarrhea Outbreak at A Psychiatric Care Center in Kaohsiung City Vol.28 NO.8 2012-04-24
Norovirus Cluster in an Elementary School in Changhua, 2012 Vol.28 NO.7 2012-04-10
The Epidemic of Enterovirus 71 in Taiwan, 2011-2012 Vol.28 NO.5 2012-03-06
Causes of Death Associated with Complicated Influenza-Taiwan, 2011-2012 Influenza Season Vol.28 NO.2 2012-01-24
The Report of Scrub Typhus Outbreak in Kinmen County, 2011 Vol.28 NO.1 2012-01-10
A Norovirus Outbreak in a Primary School, Hwalien County, 2010 Vol.27 NO.21 2011-11-08
Investigation on the First Local Japanese Encephalitis Confirmed Case in Taiwan in June, 2011 Vol.27 NO.20 2011-10-18
Report of a Child Botulism Incident in Pingtung County, June 2011 Vol.27 NO.19 2011-10-04
Infectious Disease Outbreaks on a Cruise Ship, April 2011 Vol.27 NO.16 2011-08-23
Shigellosis Outbreak in the Disabled Education Institute, March – May, 2011 Vol.27 NO.15 2011-08-09
Case report of two imported Brucellosis cases, May 2011 Vol.27 NO.14 2011-07-19
Investigation of a diarrhea outbreak in a high school in Pingtung County; April 2011 Vol.27 NO.13 2011-07-05
A Cluster of Typhoid Fever in Hsinchu, April 2011 Vol.27 NO.12 2011-06-21
Amoebiasis Cluster Infection in a Mental Retardation Institute, Tainan City Vol.27 NO.11 2011-06-07
Cluster of Melioidosis after Typhoon Morakot in Tainan City Vol.25 NO.10 2009-10-25
Abstract of Outbreak Investigation Express--Investigation of Melioidosis Outbreak after Typhoon Morakot in Zuoying and Nanzih Districts, Kaohsiung City Vol.25 NO.9 2009-09-25
H1N1 Influenza Outbreak of Foreign Students in a Chinese Summer Camp Vol.25 NO.8 2009-08-25
Investigation of H1N1 Influenza Outbreak in a Church in Kaohsiung City Vol.25 NO.8 2009-08-25