The Report of Scrub Typhus Outbreak in Kinmen County, 2011

Ching-Chi Chang1, Wan-Chin Chen1, Tzu-Chun Chen1,Shan-Woei Sheu2, Hwan-Feng Wang1

2012 Vol.28 NO.1

Correspondence Author: Ching-Chi Chang

  • 1.First Branch, Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan
  • 2.Public Health Bureau, Kinmen County


The outbreak of scrub typhus in Kinmen region in 2011 year is higher compared to the same period in previous years, and peaks early in the 26th week (June). According to Taiwan CDC’s statistics, as of the 31st week this year, Kinmen has reported a total of 172 cases of scrub typhus with 59 confirmed, compared to 70 reported cases with 32 confirmed in the same period of 2010. The reason was presumably related to the climate, murine and chigger mites’ population in the island, high risk groups and protective measures. Taiwan CDC worked with local government to urgently mobilize all resources, and integrated control action, including trimming the focal environment of the island, the implementation of weeding and rodent control in high-risk areas, enhance public health education, strengthen the health care institutions in diagnosis and reporting, as well as cooperation with military. The outbreak is slowing down since the 32nd week (August).