Shigellosis Outbreak in Military Camp In A Southern County of Taiwan, 2015

Jia-Rong Wu, Chiao-Wen Lin, Chi Chin-Sheng, Jen-Te Wang, Pi-Long Lio

2015 Vol.31 NO.13

Correspondence Author: Jia-Rong Wu

  • Southern Regional Center, Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan


In January 2015, one suspected food-borne diarrhea outbreak occurred in military camp in a Southern County of Taiwan. Shigellosis was detected after examination by the hospital. At the same time, health authorities conducted outbreak investigation to find out the epidemic scale and pathogen and to implement infection control measures. From January 22nd to 23rd, 37 out of 40 symptomatic patients matched with case definition. The attack rate was 8.8%. Anal swabs from 20 persons were collected and 18 specimens were confirmed as Shigella sonnei (subgroup D). Furthermore, the pathogen in this outbreak was resistant to ciprofloxacin after drug susceptibility tests. The results were also provided to the hospital for patients’ treatment. There was no new case after January 23rd and the epidemic curve was single peak. The experience could be a reference for prevention and control to densely populated institutions and health authorities.

Keywords:Military camp;Shigellosis;Outbreak