An Investigation of Norovirus Outbreak in a Medical Center-Affiliated Nursing Home –Taoyuan, Taiwan, 2014

Ming-Chu Tai, Hao-Hsin Wu, Tzu-Chun Chen, Jhy-Wen Wu, Kun-Bin Wu

2015 Vol.31 NO.3

Correspondence Author: Hao-Hsin Wu

  • Northern Regional Center, Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare


       The local health department was notified of a norovirus outbreak among residents and staffs of a medical center-affiliated nursing home on July 10, 2014. We investigated to determine the outbreak source and provided infection control recommendations. During July 8–23, 2014, among 263 residents and 128 staffs, we identified 63 cases (attack rate 16.1%), including 58 residents and 5 healthcare givers, and none were cookers. Fifty-six cases were sampled and 41 specimens yielded norovirus (culture-positive rate 73.2%). Multidisciplinary infection control measurements were implemented, including promoting adherence of hand hygiene in caregivers, increasing the frequency of disinfection of patient care areas, suspension of group activities, and use of disposable apron during patient care, etc. The outbreak, peaking on July 12, subsided gradually after implementation of infection control measurements. There was no new case since July 19. Our investigation did not identify the source of the outbreak. Transmission from person to person via caregivers was highly suspected. With intensified and collaborative infection control measurements, the outbreak was contained and eliminated adequately.

Keywords:Norovirus outbreak; Nursing home cluster; Infection control measures