A Cluster of Enterovirus Infection in A Nursery Institution, November 2017

DOI: 10.6525/TEB.202009_36(17).0001

Hsin-Yi Wei*, Tzu-Yi Lin, Yu-Fang Tsai, Hsiao-Ping Tung, Jer-Jea Yen

2020 Vol.36 NO.17

Correspondence Author: Hsin-Yi Wei*

  • Taipei Regional Center, Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan   


        In November 2017, a hospital reported a case of suspected enterovirus infection with severe complications. The investigation found a total of 11 infants and young children in the case’s nursery infected with enterovirus before and after the case, and all recovered after treatment. Specimens were collected from five of them for laboratory tests, and all tested positive for enterovirus A 71. The nursery institution has a shared playground, where the children might contract enterovirus. Moreover, two of the cases of different classes were relatives and had contacted with each other during family gathering. One of them had disease onset prior to the gathering and the other had it several days later, probably being transmitted by the early onset one during the gathering. This article summarized the prevention and control measures of this incident, reminding the nursery to ensure that children with symptom should take rest at home and strengthen environmental disinfection. We recommended closing the playground during the surveillance period. In addition, preschool children are high risk groups for enterovirus infection with severe complications. We recommended strengthening the parental education and strictly implementing case isolation to avoid contact with other children to prevent transmission.