The Prevention and Control Strategies for the Response of Animal Rabies Outbreak in Taiwan: A Preliminary Report

Ying-shih Su, Hsiu Wu, Wan-Chin Chen, Yu-lun Liu

2013 Vol.29 NO.15

Correspondence Author: Ying-shih Su

  • Office of Preventive Medicine, Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan


       By means of vaccinating domesticated dogs, stray dogs control and careful quarantine inspections in Taiwan, no human rabies case has been reported since 1959. The last animal case was reported in 1961 and since then Taiwan had become one of the few rabies-free countries in the world. Until fifty years later, rabies virus was detected in wild Formosan ferret-badgers. Taiwan is now listed as a rabies-affected area by the World Organization for Animal health (OIE) after confirmation on July 17, 2013. By July 25th, four ferret-badgers from Yuchi and Lugu, Nantou County; Gukeng, Yunlin County and Donghe, Taitung County were confirmed infection by rabies virus. To contain the spread of re-emerging zoonotic disease, the Cabinet established the Rabies Prevention and Control Taskforce, a cross-departmental collaboration between the Council of Agriculture (COA) and Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW) on July 24th. Through integrating information and coordination of strategies, the animal outbreak should be under controlled and prevent human rabies.