The First Case Report of Imported Rabies in 2012

Chien-Yu Chou1、Hsiu Wu1、Jyh-Yuan Yang2、Hsiao-Ping Tung1、Hwan-Feng Wang1

2013 Vol.29 NO.3

Correspondence Author: Chien-Yu Chou

  • 1. First Branch, Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan
  • 2. Research and Diagnostic Center, Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan


A thirty-year-old male suspected infection by rabies virus was reported by a medical center in Taipei city on July 24, 2012. The Research and Diagnostic Center of Taiwan CDC confirmed that he was the first rabies case over the last decade in Taiwan. This male started his business in China from February 2012, and he was bitten by his dog in June. However, the dog had a history of being bitten by a stray dog. The man did not seek any medical help, and received no preventive vaccination. On July 16, he experienced numbness, tingling feeling, and itching on his sole, and paresthesia on the lower part of his body. He was then sent to a local hospital in Wu-Han City on July 20 because of the symptoms of hydrophobia, ancraophobia, vomit, and difficulty of swallowing with a swollen throat. He was suspected infection by rabies virus due to these symptoms. On July 23, he was sent back to a medical center in Taiwan by a medical aircraft due to his critical condition. He has been receiving medical care in the ICU since back to Taiwan. The outbreak investigation revealed that his two nephews were also bitten by the same dog in China; nevertheless they sought medical help and received rabies vaccinations immediately, until now appeared no suspect symptoms. This case shows that it is important to seek immediate medical help when one is bitten or scratched by animals. One should clean wound, seek immediate medical help and receive recommended vaccinations and immunoglobulin under doctor’s assessment in case she/he experiences any injury from cats, dogs, monkeys or bats in the rabies prevalent area such as India, China and Indonesia.