Locally Acquired Dengue Outbreak, Hsinchu County, 2015

DOI: 10.6525/TEB.20160920.32(18).003

Hsueh-Mei Chiang1*, Wan-Ling Hsu1, Hau-Shing Wu1,Hsin-Yu Chang2, Pei-Chen Kuo2, Shu-Hsien Huang2,Tzu-Chun Chen1,Jhy-Wen Wu1

2016 Vol.32 NO.18

Correspondence Author: Hsueh-Mei Chiang1*

  • 1Northern Regional Center, Centers for Disease Control,Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan
  • 2Public Health Bureau of Hsinchu County Government,Taiwan


On June 24, 2015, a case of locally acquired dengue was confirmed in a 58-year-old female who lived in a temple in Xinfeng Town, Hsinchu County. Two additional laboratory confirmed dengue cases were identified by active case finding in the vicinity of the temple. This is the first locally acquired dengue outbreak in the past 10 years in Hsinchu County. Epidemiological investigation revealed that many preachers and pilgrims from the Southern Taiwan or Southeast Asian countries visited the temple. Several vector breeding sites with Aedes albopictus and mosquito larva were found around the temple. Asymptomatic dengue patients from the Southern Taiwan or Southeast Asian countries might account for the outbreak. The public health authority implemented several control measures, including epidemiological investigation, public health education, community mobilization, inter-bureau collaboration, environmental management, and enhancement of surveillance. There was no further case reported after July 30, 2015.

Keywords:Dengue fever, Outbreak, Indigenous, Mosquito