An Influenza Cluster in a Nursing Institution in Tainan, 2013

Chia-Wen Cheng, Yueh-Chun Liao, Pei-Yi Lin, Yu-Yan Deng, Cheng-Sheng Lin, Pi-Long Liu

2014 Vol.30 NO.7

Correspondence Author: Chia-Wen Cheng

  • Southern Regional Center, Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan


       On November 15 of 2013, 5 residents who had fever, cough and runny nose were reported by a nursing institution in Tainan. It also was reported as an influenza cluster event through Symptom Notification System. As for the testing results, four residents were identified as influenza AH3; the investigation and disease prevention measures have been adopted by the local health authorities. During November 8-28, a total of 91 residents and 3 staffs appeared influenza-like symptoms; the student attack rate was 20.2%. The institution did not promptly inform at the beginning of the outbreak, even the health authorities had administered the antiviral prophylaxis, and the institution did not do well on isolation and infection control. As the result, the outbreak was once lost controlled. By reviewing this case, we hope to prompt densely populated institutions to strengthen the knowledge of infection control, and to implement the investigation, notification as well as isolation functions; meanwhile, the health authorities have to supervise properly and timely intervention in order to avoid the spread of the outbreak.

Keywords:influenza cluster, epidemic notification, isolation, vaccination