A Cluster of Typhoid Fever in Hsinchu, April 2011

Ming-Chu Tai1、Li-Shu Tsai1、Chia-Ping Su1,2、Angela Song-En Huang2、Hsiu Shih1、Kun-Bin Wu1、Ta-Jen Chien

2011 Vol.27 NO.12

Correspondence Author: Ming-Chu Tai

  • 1. Second Branch, Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan
  • 2. Field Epidemiology Training Program Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan


The first cluster of typhoid fever this year (2011) was identified in Hsinchu area involving four cases with a common history of dietary exposure. The epidemiological investigations on correlation among persons, time and places, as well as test for samples collected from the catering staff were conducted. Salmonella typhi was detected by laboratory from the samples on May 8 that confirmed the catering staff was an asymptomatic carrier. Based on the results of epidemiological investigation and laboratory data, the source of infection in this cluster outbreak was suggested to be associated with food-related settings.
Taiwan CDC has coordinated with local health authorities to take urgent and relevant prevention and quarantine measures, to suspend the catering business till completing the treatment and testing negative for patients, as well as to enhance the surveillance for gastrointestinal infections in Hsinchu area till late June if no new case occurred.