An Outbreak of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection in a Postpartum Nursing Center, 2014

Wan-Ling Hsu1, Meng-Yu Chen2, Hao-Hsin Wu1, Tzu-Chun Chen1,Jhy-Wen Wu1

2014 Vol.30 NO.22

Correspondence Author: Wan-Ling Hsu

  • 1.Northern Regional Center, Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare,Taiwan
  • 2.Office of Preventive Medicine, Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan


       On 5 September 2014, a cluster of infants with upper respiratory tract infection (URI) in a postnatal care institution was notified to Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (Taiwan CDC) via toll-free hotline 1922.Hence the North Branch of Taiwan CDC collaborated with the local health bureau conducted a site visit and epidemiological investigation. Preventive advice against URI to the institution was also provided.A total of 32 infants, 6 mothers and 9 health workers in the institutiondeveloped URI symptoms including cough, runny nose, sneeze or nasal obstruction during 24 August to 9 September. The attack rates were 36.3% (45/124) and 62.7% (32/51)in all the people at risk and infants, respectively. The samples tested from four hospitalized infants showed one positive for respiratory syncytial virus while another sample from one symptomatic health worker showed negative. Thus the pathogen of this URI cluster was indeterminate.After full implementation of prevention and control measures including case isolation, personal hygiene and monitoring of health status in the health workers, no further spread occurred in the institution.

Keywords:upper respiratory tract infection, postpartum nursing center, outbreak