Investigation of an Imported Measles Case in North Taiwan in March, 2012

Ming-Chu Tai, Chia-Ping Su, Tzu-Yun Huang

2012 Vol.28 NO.10

Correspondence Author: Ming-Chu Tai

  • Second Branch, Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan


Taiwan has been actively promoting the four stages program for eradication of poliomyelitis, neonatal tetanus, congenital rubella syndrome and measles for nearly two decades. The immunization completion rate of MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) for eligible children in Taiwan has reached more than 95%, and indigenous cases barely occurred. Nevertheless, the secondary infection from imported cases occasionally caused local outbreaks. This article reports the investigation of a measles case imported to North Taiwan in 2012. Based on the 2009 revised “Standard operating manual for measles control”, control measures such as risk assessment of contacts, levels of prevention, and health management for focal population were implemented, no further transmission was detectable thereafter. It demonstrated an effective blockade on domestic transmission. This experience may provide a reference for health organizations to deal with similar epidemic situations in the future.