The Report of First Japanese Encephalitis Case in Taiwan in 2016

DOI: 10.6525/TEB.20170411.33(7).002

Tzu-Yi Lee, Hui-Chen Lin, Yen-Chang Tuan, Chiou-Yueh You, Pi-Long Lio

2017 Vol.33 NO.7

Correspondence Author: Tzu-Yi Lee

  • Kaohsiung-Pingtung Regional Center, Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan


On May 11, 2016, a medical center in Tainan reported a 56-year-old female suspected of Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus infection in Alian District, Kaohsiung city. After examination, she was confirmed as JE infection and is the first case of JE in Taiwan in 2016. The public health authority immediately took preventive measures, such as health education, mosquito trapping, and promoting childhood immunization against JE. The case recovered and was discharged without sequela.

In Taiwan, due to the successful policy of JE immunization, only 16–37 JE cases, mostly middle-aged and elderly people, occurred each year in the recent decade. Because the vaccine does not provide life-long protection, we should enhance health education on knowledge of JE, strengthen mosquito control measures. People with high risks of JE infection should receive self-paid vaccination in health care facilities. We describe a typical JE case investigation, and share some experience of atypical cases we ever had.

Keywords:Japanese encephalitis, Immunization, Mosquito