Shigellosis Outbreak in the Disabled Education Institute, March – May, 2011

Hsuan-Chih Lin1, Hsiao-Ping Tung1, Wan-Chin Chen1, Huai-Te Tsai2,3, Dah-Shyong Jiang2, Tsuey-Fong Lee4, Hwan-Feng Wang1, Chun-Ling Lai1

2011 Vol.27 NO.15

Correspondence Author: Hsuan-Chih Lin

  • 1. First Branch, Centers for Diseases Control, Taiwan
  • 2. Field Epidemiology Training Program, Centers for Diseases Control, Taiwan
  • 3. Sixth Branch, Centers for Diseases Control, Taiwan
  • 4. Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health Division, Bureau of Health Promotion, Taiwan


During March 7 - May 16, 2011, three waves of shigellosis outbreaks occurred in the dormitories of the Disabled Education Institute in Yilan County. A total of 21 residents, 2 staff members, and 1 service draftee had symptoms of diarrhea. Shigellosis infection was confirmed in 12 residents and 1 staff member.
The epidemic curve, plotted by symptom onset dates of case-patients, indicates that the outbreak was likely propagated through person-to-person transmission. Control and preventive measures were applied. These included limiting contact between dormitories, assigning specific persons to clean and disinfect the dormitories, designating quarantine areas or infected case-patients, and closely monitoring daily health reports. As a result, disease transmission ceased on May 20th.