Case report of two imported Brucellosis cases, May 2011

Xiang-Ting Huang1, Ying-Hao Wu2, Hsiao-Ping Tung1, Wan-Chin Chen1, Chia-Ping Su2, Sue-Jing Chang2, Chun-Ling Lai1.

2011 Vol.27 NO.14

Correspondence Author: Xiang-Ting Huang

  • 1. First Branch, Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan
  • 2. Second Branch, Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan


No case infected with the Brucella melitensis has been reported in Taiwan over the last thirty years, yet two imported, confirmed brucellosis cases were reported within two consecutive weeks in May 2011. After investigation, it was determined that these two cases had no epidemiologic link. Case 1 was infected when traveling in North Africa, and Case 2 was infected while visiting relatives in Malaysia. The major risk factor for contracting Brucella melitensis is ingestion of uncooked beef or mutton, dairy products, or goat milk when traveling in high risk areas of brucellosis. In addition, Case 1 had a history of animal contact in high risk areas of brucellosis. Both cases sought medical care in different hospitals and were reported by physicians. Their specimens were collected and tested by Taiwan Centers for Disease Control and were positive for Brucella melitensis.