Investigation of Abnormality of Drinking Water During Ship Sanitation Inspection at Suao Port, 2017

DOI: 10.6525/TEB.201802_34(3).0002

Ming-Ching Liu, Jiun-Shian Kuo, Jer-Jea Yen

2018 Vol.34 NO.3

Correspondence Author: Ming-Ching Liu

  • Taipei Regional Center, Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan


On March 27 2017, quarantine officers inspected ship sanitation for a ten-thousand-toned ship docked in 12th harbor at Suao port. Through sampling and testing, zero residual chlorine result was found in drinking water. Further observation, sampling and testing of residual chlorine of drinking water in shore water supply point also showed zero residual chlorine. Investigation of drinking water distribution system at port found that the water valve was closed to be the reason of deteriorating the drinking water. After reopening the water valve, the value of residual chlorine in drinking water in distribution system at port promptly became normal. We suggested that when inspecting ship sanitation and tests of drinking water show abnormal, quarantine officers should check the quality of drinking water in shore water supply point. If the result also shows abnormal, information should be reported immediately to competent authorities. Besides, port authorities should set up a monitoring mechanism and test drinking water in distribution system at port regularly to maintain the quality of water supply and protect the water safety of the ship.