The Prevalence of Behavioral Risk Factors in Taipei City Residents

1987 Vol.3 NO.5

Correspondence Author:


In the past 30 years, Taiwan’s economic development has led to major improvements in the standard of living. Health care has also improved, and has substantially altered the leading causes of mortality. Today. the leading causes of death in Taiwan are similar to those of other industrialized nations; cancer, cerebrovascular disease, accidents, and heart disease are high on the list (Figure 1). Many of these diseases are related to behaviors which adversely affect health. Some examples include cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, overeating, lack of exercise, failure to control hypertension, and seatbelt/motorcycle helmet non-use. Despite their public health importance, the prevalence of behavioral risk factors in Taiwan’s population is unknown. These data are vital to establish priorities for risk factor reduction and to evaluate the impact of intervention programs.