Immunization Survey - Taitung County and Kaohsiung City

1987 Vol.3 NO.6

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In April 1987, surveys were carried out in Taitung County and Kaohsiung City to determine immunization rates for BCG, DPT, polio, and measles vaccines among children 12-23 months of age Township and district household registration offices were visited to obtain a list of all households in the survey areas. Pilot surveys were conducted to determine the number of households required to identify seven children in the target age group. Households were then grouped into clusters of this size, and 30 clusters were randomly selected in each of the two survey areas. Interviews were conducted by members of the South and East Mobile Surveillance Teams, assisted by local public health nurses. Interviewers visited all households in each cluster and completed a standardized questionairre. Children were counted as immunized if they could produce a written record of the immunization. Children were counted as completely immunized if they had all of the following vaccinations: BCG, three doses of DPT and polio, and measles. Information as also collected from parents on reasons for incomplete immunization.