Investigation of the Pathogenic Factors of Sauropus androgynus Poisoning

Jiang DD

1998 Vol.14 NO.9

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The purpose for this study is to investigate the dosage effects of Sauropus androgynus on pulmonary functions and to better understand the epidemiology of the Sauropus androgynus poisoning. The subjects studied were 278 Sauropus androgynus users who had sought for telephone counseling in 1994-1995 through the Taipei National Toxicology Counseling Center, the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, the Taichung Veterans General Hospital, the National Chengkung University Hospital, and the Department of Health. Every subject was interviewed with a structured questionnaire. The questionnaire was designed to obtain the following: demographic information of the users, history of Sauropus androgynus consumption, health history, use of any weight-reducing drugs, clinical symptoms/signs (while using and after tennination of use), findings of pulmonary function tests and high resolution CT scan.