Analysis of “The Pilot Study of Promoting MSM to Use Condoms in Special Settings in 2011”

Hsun-Yin Huang1, Yu-Wen Yang1, Kui-Li Huang1, An-Hua Cheng1,Troy Ta-Peng lee2, Shih-Yan Yang1

2012 Vol.28 NO.8

Correspondence Author: Shu-Kuan Lai


The main route of transmitting HIV was through unsafe sexual behavior, and it accounted for 89.3% of the infected persons (homosexual 71.9%) in Taiwan in 2011. The Light of Friendship Association in Taiwan commissioned by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (TCDC) employed the concept of liquor sales representatives-developing the project “Sex Police” to promote safe sex at commercial bathhouses for men to have sex with other men. An intervention was executed from August to December, 2011. A staff at the gay sauna was dressed up as a “ Sex Police” to distribute condoms, provide safe sex consultation, and assist customers who overdose on recreational drugs to leave the venue. Moreover, they randomly selected the customers to fill out the questionnaires, and 410 subjects were eventually included. The results showed: 1) 97. 6% of the subjects claimed that they would accept the service provided by the Sex Police. The Sex Police project increased condom use by at least 46%. 2) In logistic regression analysis, “Anal sex with multiple persons without changing condoms”, ”Sometimes have sex with more than 1 sexual partners in a party”, “Do not take proactive actions when having sex with someone who does not use a condom” were the risk factors of unprotected anal sex. 3) The estimated number of people infected by HIV was 19 out of its 80,000 annual visitors at gay saunas. If the condom use can be increased up to 90% or higher through the implementation of the Sex Police project, the number of HIV infected people in the sauna is expected to decline from 19 to 3. Moreover, the medical care costs can be reduced by 4.8 million dollars every year, saving an average of 1.5 billion over 30 years. The results showed that the “Sex Police” project increased condom use at gay saunas. TCDC advocates the “Healthy, Safe and Friendly Shops” logo identification plan, and hopes local health bureaus, NGO (non-governmental organization) and gay sauna operators can co-operate to promote condom use in order to prevent the spread of HIV.