Research on the Hidden Space of Mother-child Vertical Transmission of HIV -the Pregnant Women with High Risk outside the Medical Network

Pei-Ling Liu

2009 Vol.25 NO.11

Correspondence Author: Pei-Ling Liu


Taiwan has acted on the policy of prevention of mother-child vertical transmission of HIV since 2005. Although the government has provided full-scale free HIV screening and comprehensive medical administration, few new cases were still reported. The reasons include some cases did not went to hospitals for check-ups or HIV screening during gestation automatically. Some cases’ mothers committed an offence during gestation and then tried to flee away from public health workers. It results in regret of delivering babies with HIV positive. This report discussed the hidden space in the issue of prevention and control of mother-child vertical transmission. Based on the results of case investigations, the report also tried to explain how to enforce the preventive actions for females and pregnant women with high risk.
Keywords: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), mother-child vertical transmission, intravenous drug addicts