Sero-Epidemiological Survey of Entamoeba Histolytica

C.H. Chou

1994 Vol.10 NO.2

Correspondence Author:


Lanyu (the Orchid Island) is an off-shore island 45 nautical miles to the east of Taitung with a population of 3,018 persons and a land area of 48 square kilometers. With the exception -of a few government employees and businessmen, the population are primarily of the Yami-tribe. Of the adult population, a third are without regular income, 43.4% with a monthly income of more than NT$5,000. 30.2% of them are medically insured, 55.6% with public water supply, and only 29% of the households with private toilets. The only health station provides modern medical care for the entire island. Life on Lanyu is closed and self-sufficient, and isolated from the Taiwan proper. Generally speaking, both the economic and health conditions are poor, with low rate of medical insurance and limited medical care resources.