Scombroid Poisoning in An Electronic Company in the Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone

C H Chou

1989 Vol.5 NO.9

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1. Summary
Few scombroid poisoning cases have been reported in Taiwan The last one was an outbreak in a department store in Kaohsiung City in July 1986. The present outbreak occurred in an electronic factory in the Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone on 8 August 1987 resulting in 28 cases with headache. di7ziness. and flushing The incubation period ranged from 0.5 to 3.8 hours with a median of 1 .9 hours Of them. 15 were sent by the factory to hospitals for anti-histamine treatment to relieve the symptoms. the rest seven sought for medical care by themselves. The agent of the poisoning was the Scomberapeinocephalus bleaker served int he cafeteria of the factory on 8 August The food after testing was found to contain 318.2 mg/g of histamine. Inadequate transportation and storage of the fish were considered the major reasons.