Outbreak of Hepatitis A - I-Lan County

I-Lan County Health Bureau

1985 Vol.1 NO.11

Correspondence Author:


On June 28, 1985, the Bureau of Disease Control was notified by the I-Lan County Health Bureau of an outbreak or hepatitis A in two aboriginal villages. During May and June, nine probable cases of hepatitis A from these villages were admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital near I-Lan City. St. Mary’s is a 485-bed private hospital serving all of I-Lan County. All nine cases were less than eight years old and had elevated Liver enzymes (SGOT, SGPT), dark urine. scleral icterus, and jaundice. Serum specimens from two of the nine cases were tested by the National Institute of Preventive Medicine and found positive for IgM antibody 10 hepatitis A virus (HAV). A record review showed the number of hepatitis cases admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital from the two aboriginal villages had in creased four-fold during May-June compared to the previous four-month period. Tie number of cases of 1epatitis admitted from other areas in 1-Lan county had nor increased from January 1984 to June 1985.