Sex Health Knowledge and HIV Prevention among Teenagers in Eastern Taiwan

DOI: 10.6525/TEB.20161206.32(23).002

Yu-Chun Lo, Jen-Hsin Wang, Yuan-Lih Yeh

2016 Vol.32 NO.23

Correspondence Author: Yu-Chun Lo

  • Eastern Regional Center, Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare


The aim of this study was to describe the current status of knowledge and attitude toward sex and prevention of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) among teenagers in Eastern Taiwan. Total 2,224 third-year junior high school students (male 51%) from 50 schools in Hualien and Taitung responded to a structured questionnaire. Among the respondents, 84.5% reported that their knowledge on sex mainly came from school curriculum, and 74.2% consulted their peers when they have sex-related questions. Regarding their attitude towards sex, 77.9% were confident that they would use condoms when having sex but only 37.6% felt comfortable when buying condoms. We also found that 81.3% respondents knew that HIV would not be transmitted through daily physical contact, but 23.5% were not clear about how to reduce the risk of HIV infection; 59.4% were willing to attend the same classes with HIV carriers; and 52 % reported that they knew where to seek for HIV testing. These results showed that HIV/AIDS educational programs regarding disease pathogen, transmission, and prevention were well introduced to high school students in Eastern Taiwan; however, safe sexual behavior, social empathy towards HIV carriers and practical HIV information need to be further strengthened in education and promotion. 

Keywords:Teenager, HIV/AIDS, Sex knowledge, Questionnaire