Taiwan’s First Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus Induced Paralysis Case

HC Sun

2003 Vol.19 NO.11

Correspondence Author:


On April 16, 2001, the Research and Laboratory Testing Division of the Center for Disease Control received a report of an acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) and serious enterovirus infection case. For paralysis, the case was referred to the Linkou Chang Gung Hospital. The case was placed under respirator for life maintenance. Initially, throat swab was collected from the case. The virus isolated was poliovirus 1. By regulations of the World Health Organization and the AFP monitoring system of the Center, two fecal specimens at 24-hour interval should be collected from the case. By virus isolation and neutralization testing of the fecal specimens, and gene sequencing comparison of virus at the VP1 region, it was found that the gene sequence of the isolated virus and the gene sequence of poliovirus 1 had a 3% difference at the VP1 region, it was then decided that the virus was vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV).