Third Prevalence Survey of Tuberculosis, Hypertension and Diabetes - Taipei City

1988 Vol.4 NO.11

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The first and second five-year plans for the intensive control of tuberculosis began in Taipei City m July 1978 for the early detection, treatment and follow-up of patients. The program has successfully reduced the prevalence of tuberculosis from 1.35% to 0.60% in 1983, and mortality rate to only 5.67 per 100,000 in 1986. Tuberculosis was the 12th leading cause of death. To evaluate the program for the last five years, a third prevalence survey of tuberculosis was conducted in Taipei City between I October 1987 and end April 1988. A recent policy change calls for the tuberculosis control units to participate in the prevention and control of adult diseases, in particular the control o hypertension and diabetes. To obtain information for the planning of adult disease control program, the present survey included also prevalence survey of hypertension and diabetes among population above 40 years of age.