Epidemiology of Malignant Neoplasms in Black-Foot Disease Areas: A Long-Term Observation of Death Statistics in Pu-tai Township


1989 Vol.5 NO.1

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The black-foot disease is a disease of the peripheral blood vessels endemic to the coastal area of the southwestern part of Taiwan. The cause of the disease is known to be related to the drinking water collected from the artesian wells The incidence of black-foot disease has declined with the use of running water, deaths from malignant neoplasms in this area, however, have significantly increased in the recent years To explain the relation between black-foot disease, malignant neoplasms, and artesian well water, the study selected one of the four black-foot disease prevalent townships, Pu-tai township, for a close study through the non-concurrent epiderniological follow-up approach The villages in the Township differ greatly in the morbidity rates of the black-foot disease, the Township, therefore, is divided into four zones by the morbidity rates to study the relation between the rate of malignant neoplasms and the morbidity of black-foot disease, and further, its relation to the drinking of the artesian well water