Investigation of A Vibrio parahaemolyticus Poisoning at An Elementary School in Yuanli Township, Miaoli County

WC Huang

1998 Vol.14 NO.10

Correspondence Author:


At 10 PM of 11 December 1997, 77 of the 144 students of the Yuanli elementary school in Yuanli township, Miaoli county, started to develop symptoms such as: watery diarrhea (42.4%), abdominal pain (42.4%), vomiting (35.4%), headache/dizziness (22.2%), chilliness (16.7%), nausea (12.5%), and fever (6.3%). About 50 of them visited the Lee’s and Chiu’s General Hospital of the township for treatment. Of them, 11 were hospitalized for care. All these students ate the lunch ordered by the school. The purpose of the investigation was to find out the causes and pathogenic agents of the poisoning.